I am Dubai App named as best lifestyle app as seen on Forbes

‘I AM DUBAI’ the app that has all you need! Kareem Elmashad, who is known for his far-sightedness and no-nonsense work ethics is an award-winning entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. The 26-year-old entrepreneur is gaining popularity for maximizing the use of social media. In 2018, he launched an app, ‘I AM DUBAI’. The app has enlisted 14 luxury restaurants and has over 4,500 models to connect with. It was even featured on Forbes Magazine for being the best lifestyle app in Dubai and building good trust. I am Dubai App allows models and social media influencers to partner up with restaurants & hotels, enabling them to receive free stuff in exchange for hyping up the restaurants & hotels on social media. Models & Influencers have to sign up for membership by simply downloading the app and filling the details.

I AM DUBAI offers a complete package that connects famous influencers and models with luxury establishments, including top restaurants. The app is available for free download on Apple Store & Google Play. It is a very user-friendly app, all you need to do is register on the website www.iamdubai.co or Instagram @i.amdubai, fill in your details, including your Instagram profile, after a review, you will get access to use this platform.

Kareem, who has spent 6 long years in the hospitality industry to understand its pattern in and out is armed with the knowledge about restaurants’ networking with popular models and social media influencers. Kareem already knows how to maximize the use of social media to expand the business, and that’s he is busy doing. He is planning to go global with Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. For Saudi Arabia, the name will be @i.amsaudi while for Ukraine, it is going to be ‘@i.amkyiv’. Both his app and company website are a perfect example of a well-organized business process.