How using modern route planning software can save resources for your company

The latest state-of-the-art route planning software promises huge savings for your business as well as greater efficiency and a more sustainable relationship with the environment. 

What is Mappost?

Mappost is route planning software which enables its clients across Europe and beyond to optimize their route planning tasks and resources and to create automated route planning for their business. 

How does Mappost work?

Using data, mathematics and science, Mappost is providing clients with highly efficient, customizable logistics solutions. Mappost uses advanced algorithms with the latest scientific discoveries in graph theory and geospatial analysis. It combines this with field worker data and real-life records. 

Mappost’s software has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it ideal for both those working from the office and those out on the road. 

What are the expected benefits a business can gain from using this route logistics software?

The benefits of using this technology are numerous from reducing the environmental impact of business practices to saving time and money:

Efficiency gains

Mappost customers can expect to see efficiency gains upwards of 20%.

Reduced planning time

Planning time for logistical operations can be reduced by 40%. 


Optimization in areas such as waste management is helping reduce waste, save vital resources, and increase profit margins.

Digitized services

Integrating Mappost’s route planning services into businesses core operations is enabling many companies to digitize their services and to be better prepared for the rapid technological advances of today and tomorrow.

What services can Mappost provide for you?

Automatic provision of route planning and resource management

Powerful mathematical algorithms test thousands of different scenarios before selecting the best and most effective for a business. Daily workloads are planned, taking in to consideration tight timescales, fluctuating demand, transport capacity, and scarcity of resources.

Reduce your company’s ecological footprint

By optimizing routes and resources, Mappost enables its customers to reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, the resulting reductions in emissions and noise pollution bring wider benefits to local communities. 

Adapting to change

The world is changing and it’s changing at a faster pace than many of us can keep up with.  Mappost’s route planning software is designed to cope and adapt with new requirements so that your business does not get left behind!  

Reduce operating costs

Mappost software enables businesses to run more efficiently and to drastically cut their operating costs. Savings of 40% and more are not unusual after adopting software for route planning. 

Solving real-time problems

We spend a lot of time worrying about the future and reflecting on the past, but many of the problems we face are in the present. 

Mappost adapts through feedback and updates to real-world constraints to ensure the optimization of routes and resources in the here and now. 

One size doesn’t fit all

Mappost understands that every business is different. After analysing an organization’s unique features and processes, practices and culture, Mappost’s software is adapted to the very specific individual processes and needs of that company.

Which business sectors use Mappost route planning software?

Foto: Mappost

Mappost is available for many business sectors including waste management, vending, postal delivery services and forestry logistics. Each and every industry faces unique challenges. Here are 3 examples of logistic company industry sectors where this software technology is helping transform the business landscape: 


Timber delivery planning can be an almost unimaginably complex operation. Firstly, there are numerous forestry-specific rules and requirements to consider. And with thousands of timber yards located across thousands of square kilometers, which are serviced by hundreds of timber trucks, operating between multiple locations, it’s clear that timber transportation logistics software makes life much easier and more profitable! 

Waste management solutions

Using modern software for route planning can significantly reduce the environmental impact of waste collection as well as cutting costs. Garbage collection services can expect efficiency improvements of upwards of 30%. 


Vending machine logistics can be a very complicated business. Mappost’s software continuously monitors vending machine inventories using data from telemetry providers. It then plans optimized routes for vending machine restocking and service using intelligent prediction algorithms and geospatial data analysis.

Route planning software will transform your business!

From reduced planning time and lower operating costs, to saving manpower and enabling your business to painlessly make the transition to digitalization, Mappost’s route planning software offers many businesses from waste management to forestry the ability to drastically improve the way you do business! 

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