How to Transform Your Conservatory This Summer

When you initially had your conservatory installed, you and the other members of your household may have had grand plans of making the space a perfect middle-man between the comfort of the indoors and the natural feel of the outside.

However, if, like thousands of other people who are fortunate enough to live in a house with a conservatory, the room resembles more of a jumble sale than a chic and functional one, then this article is most definitely for you.

Here is how to transform your conservatory this summer.

Repair the Roof

First and foremost, one of the standout features of any conservatory, regardless of size and available space, is that of the sound of raindrops on the roof.

Now, even though this is a romantic notion that makes reading in the conservatory one of life’s simple yet beautiful pleasures, it is highly likely that if you have just been treating the room as a glorified storage space, the roof needs some attention.

You could even choose to upgrade the roof of your conservatory to one with glass panels that will provide an almost panoramic view of your backyard and garden and also serve to maximize the light and heat from the sun.

Get Creative with Seating

Another fabulous way to inject some fun and lighthearted vibes into the room’s aesthetic, and a change that is exactly inkeeping with summer, is to invest in a gigantic pillow to lounge on.

A giant bean bag pillowis the most durable form of seating and will not become damaged or worn if it gets wet or else multiple children are jumping around on it, all of which makes such a pillow an ideal addition to your conservatory.

Upgrade the Lighting Fixtures & Fittings

Smart lighting for the home has experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years, largely due to the fact that with smart lighting, you are able to control the brightness and even the colors of the lights, all from your smartphone or tablet.

Solar-powered lights on the outside of your conservatory and around the path alongside it will also give an intimate feel to the space at night and an active focal point in the early evening.

Replace Your Conservatory Floor

Finally, one of the most dramatic and eye-catching ways to entirely transform the look and, indeed, the overall feel of the room is to replace the flooring.

Obviously, you need to find out what materials comprise the existing structure of the floor before you head out and choose a new, durable, and much more modern alternative to the original style.

The top most popular choices of materials for conservatory flooring include engineered wood, vinyl tiles, and laminate flooring. You could, if you are feeling particularly fancy, choose to upgrade the flooring of your conservatory entirely and choose to hire a professional to install underfloor heating, making the space a great place to relax throughout the summer and winter months.