How to reduce overheads for your construction business

One of the most crucial elements of running any business is the overhead costs it requires to keep the organization running seamlessly from month to month. This is the hidden driver of all corporate successes and failures, which is rarely talked about directly. While it is more exciting to celebrate radical entrepreneurial bravery and daring, incredible products that have revolutionized markets, or brands which have become so popular they are like mini religions, it is the discrepancy between overheads and cash flow that defines business success.

The truth is that without a healthy flow of cash through a business on a consistent basis which covers the overhead costs, any corporate entity would quickly die. It doesn’t matter how amazing your products and services are, how impactful your marketing purports to be, and whether you are an inspirational leader or not – if you can’t cover those monthly overheads then the business will shut down overnight. 

One of the industries which is hit hardest by this truth is the construction industry. This makes perfect sense, given that construction businesses need to pay for machinery, staff and a whole host of other equipment. 

If you run a construction business, this can be tough. To help, here is a guide that runs you through a few ways to reduce overheads for your company.

Invest in more efficient equipment

One of the best ways to reduce your overhead costs as a construction company is, weirdly, to invest in more efficient equipment. While you might well wonder why spending more money up front is going to reduce your costs, there is logic in this suggestion.

If you attempt to persist with aging tools and machinery which ultimately cost more to run, then you will be wasting more money over time; whereas if you were to use more expensive (but ultimately more sophisticated) tools that use less energy, you will save money eventually. It doesn’t matter whether it is a jackhammer or a truck mounted blower, you need to invest in quality.  

Train your staff on best practices and more efficient processes

Another way to reduce the overhead costs for your construction company is to train your staff on industry best practices. This way, they will be more efficient with completing their daily tasks, and therefore be able to get more done.

In turn, this means that you will be able to complete more paid work for the same amount of overhead costs, thereby raising your profits and making it easier to pay these overheads every month. 

This is a particular problem in construction circles because it is hard to police your team and keep them on track. When you are not on site, it can be easy for them to stop working hard, take their time or be inefficient with their use of expensive tools. 

Stick to fewer clients who pay more

You might understandably believe that the more clients you can serve at once, the more profitable you will be. While this might well be the case in theory, you will no doubt have to pay higher overheads to achieve this feat. 

Instead, stick to fewer clients who you can optimize your overheads for, and who simply pay more. One large project is going to be more profitable than three smaller ones, after all.