How to Record Computer Screen and Zoom Meeting

With the free and easy-to-use screen recorder iTop Screen Recorder for Steam, you can record HD movies on your PC at a high frame rate and without losing any frames. It’s perfect for capturing fast-paced video games. The use of this show recorder software utility is free. Use a webcam and audio right now to record your screen while using a recording program.

While some screen recorders do have watermarks, many allow you to record for free. On the other hand, the iTop Screen Recorder is a display recorder that is primarily made for PCs and does not have a watermark. This keeps the movie’s elegance and simplicity.

iTop Screen Recorder Features

Here is a quick review of the amazing features of this free screen recorder:

– Take a picture of any area on the laptop display using a facecam and video.

– Make quick HD movies in 4K/1080p without a time limit.

– Take notes on anything you notice at the show, including video games, gatherings, publications, and other things.

Now let’s take a look at more details about the iTop Screen Recorder.

High Performance, Minimal CPU Use

Use hardware acceleration on NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel systems to play video games smoothly.

Extreme Definition

Play video games that were recorded at a frame rate of 60 frames per second in 4K UHD. enables a variety of output codecs, including MP4, MOV, MKV, and AVI.


For the individual who is unaware of how to record Zoom meeting, even beginners who want to create expert-searching videos, iTop Screen Recorder will be your ideal option.

It is an easy-to-use screen recorder for novices. Utilize hotkeys or a few easy mouse clicks to quickly and easily document your project on your PC.

Audio from the screen without being compressed

While using our tool to capture your PC screen, we let you add great audio. It is beneficial to record the voice coming from your headset, your computer’s microphone, and other PC accessories. With iTop Screen Recorder, your video can be expert from picture to sound.

A movable screen seizes the device

We offer all the effective features you require without charging you. The elite model is unrestricted and extraordinarily pleasurable.

Why Is Screen Capture Required?

The screen size is helpful when you want to share what you can see on your computer display with others. A screenshot, often known as a still image screen capture, might occasionally serve as a suitable replacement. If the screenshot you provided requires a thorough justification, this is probably a very good response.

Additionally, iTop Screen Recorder is a great option if you need to record a few conferences. You shouldn’t be concerned about how to record Google Meet or Zoom meetings without authorization.

How Can Your Screen Be Recorded?

With the right display recording software, it is possible to record your screen for an extended period. As long as the movement is visible on your display, you can retain a record of it. That does not guarantee that you will be able to regularly log long periods.

How Much Space Do Screen Recordings Need?

The file sizes for 15 minutes of display screen recordings range from 3 MB to 18 MB. Low pointers have a screen with a low decision and little movement. The stronger recommendation is based entirely on a high-definition screen with a variety of actions, including video.

Last Thoughts

iTop Screen Recorder is the ideal screen recorder for users who require fluid and seamless display recording, easy video editing, and convenient sharing with most online video platforms. Besides the offline application, iTop also offers an online screen recorder for those who don’t want to install any software. Get it now and start capturing anything on your screen.