How to plan the perfect Norway road trip

Norway is a country with a lot of variety and beauty in it. It’s really hard to know where to start when planning your trip, so we’ve put together this guide for you! We’ll show you how to plan the perfect Norway road trip by a rented car, making sure you see all the best places at the right time of year.

Start by researching the roads you want to travel

The first step in planning your Norway road trip is to research the roads you want to travel. The best way to do this is by using a map or Google Maps and plotting out where you want to go, then looking up information about each of those places online. You’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of lodging options available, as well as restaurants where they serve food that isn’t just fish (although fish is delicious).

The next step is to make sure that you have a vehicle that can handle the roads in Norway. The good news is that many rental companies offer 4×4 vehicles for rent, which will give you more traction on slippery roads and make it easier for you to get around in the winter.

The last step in planning your Norway road trip is to make sure that you pack everything you need. You’ll want to bring warm clothing, including hats and gloves, as well as a good pair of sunglasses.

Decide how much time you want to spend in each city

You’ll want to decide how much time you want to spend in each city. If you have only a few days, it’s best not to try and do too much – youcan always come back again! If possible, choose one or two places that are especially important for your interests and plan your trip around them. For example: if you’re going on a road trip through Norway because of its fjords, then perhaps consider spending more time near the coast than inland cities like Oslo or Bergen.

If possible, include rest days when planning your itinerary so that everyone has enough energy for all those exciting adventures ahead! A good rule of thumb is at least one day off per week (and maybe even two).

If you’re traveling with children, remember that they get tired and cranky, too. Try not to push them too hard! If possible, let them choose one or two activities that are especially important for their interests and plan your trip around those.

Make a list of the must-see attractions and activities in each area

Once you have a general idea of where to go, it’s time to get specific. Make a list of the must-see attractions and activities in each area. Include things to do, places to eat and drink, and things to see. If possible, include some free attractions or things that are easily accessible – it’s always nice when you can squeeze in something fun without spending too much money!

Make sure your list is realistic; don’t try doing everything at once or else your trip will become overwhelming (and potentially expensive).

Once you’ve made your list, it’s time to plan a route. You may want to start by looking at maps of each area and drawing out some ideas for how you might get from place to place – thisway, you can make sure there are no gaps in your itinerary! Once you have an idea of what order things should happen in, make sure that everything fits into the amount of time you have available.Also, we advise you to book excursions in Norway with professional local guides.

Visit these must-see attractions

The Fjords: there are countless fjords to explore, but the best one to visit is Geirangerfjord. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will take your breath away with its breathtaking beauty and natural landscape.

Northern Lights: if you’re traveling during winter, be sure to catch the Northern Lights! They’re visible from September through April in Norway’s North Cape region (and all over the world).

Trolltunga: this rock formation is located on Mount Kjerag in western Norway and looks like a troll’s tongue sticking out from underneath a mountain (thus its name). You’ll need some hiking skills to get here but it’s worth it because this site offers incredible views of Lysefjorden below as well as an amazing sunset spot after sunset!

Figure out when you want to arrive at each destination, and what’s the best route there

When planning your route, it’s important to consider all of the logistical details. You’ll want to figure out when you want to arrive at each destination and what’s the best route there? There are many ways you could get from point A to point B – doyou go through Oslo or take another road? Do you take a ferry across a fjord? Google Maps can help with this part!

Importance of planning in advance: Don’t get too ambitious with how much driving time you have per day; don’t try to see too much in one day; don’t try driving at night(because it’s dangerous!).

You should also try to avoid traveling on major holidays and weekends, when traffic can be particularly bad. In addition, remember that you’ll likely be driving in areas where people don’t speak much English – ifyou’re planning to do any sightseeing while driving, make sure to have a map or guidebook with you at all times.

Be flexible!

While planning is important, you need to be flexible. It’s important to have a plan in place so you know what you are doing and where you are going, but if things don’t go as planned it can be frustrating and make the trip less enjoyable.

In addition, being flexible with your plans means that if something unexpected happens (for example: an accident or bad weather), then it won’t ruin the whole trip for everyone involved!

Being flexible is also important because it allows you to make the most of your time. If you plan everything down to the last detail, then when something unexpected happens (and it will), then there’s nothing else for you to do but wait until it clears up again or figure out what else to do in the meantime.

Planning a road trip to Norway is a lot of fun, and it’s also a great way to see the country. You can make your own itinerary with these tips and suggestions, but remember that it’s important to be flexible! Things may not go as planned, so try not get stressed about it if something unexpected happens on your journey. Just relax and enjoy yourself!

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