How to organize jewelry in your dresser drawer

One of my New Year’s intentions was to get rid of all of the clutter in our house and make it more streamlined. So far, everything is going rather nicely. Even though we’re using the paper bag technique, our family room built-ins have been cleared out, our filing cabinet has been cleaned out, and I’ve finally gone through my jewelry.

I’ve been using a white jewelry stand in our bedroom for the last seven or eight years to store all of my jewelry. What a great jewelry stand! I can put all of my jewelry in here! Since I could view all of my jewelry in one place, I wore it more often. It was perfect for me.

As a result, I’ve been wearing the same few pieces of jewelry over and over again for the last year or so (for more on my everyday jewelry, check out this post). There were a number of things I had not worn and, really, probably would not wear again. As a result, the moment had come to get rid of everything! In the end, I threw out jewelry that didn’t fit my style, as well as damaged or missing earrings, so that only pieces that I’ll wear in the future remain. Because my jewelry collection had shrunk significantly, I decided to get rid of the jewelry display and put it in storage. Maybe I’ll use it again in the future when we have more room.

Organizer for a Jewelry Drawer that is Hidden

How did I dispose of all of my jewelry? My go-to method for saving space in a tiny home is “hidden storage.” Make a place for my jewels by emptying one drawer of our master bedroom dresser. At Royal Craft Wood, I saw this fantastic jewelry drawer organizer .

Because it has slid-in sides, this jewelry organizer fits precisely in your dresser. Great work! I couldn’t wait to put away all of my jewelry, which was now strewn over my dresser.

It took me around 15 minutes to arrange all of my jewelry in this manner: earrings with earrings, bracelets with bracelets, etc.

Because there wasn’t much room in the jewelry drawer organizer, I was able to accommodate everything I had after my massive jewelry purge. As a result of this, I had to be more careful about what I kept and what I gave away. Those that didn’t fit had to depart.

As a result of the organizer’s felt lining, objects stay put when the drawer is opened and closed. After usage, I’m responsible for putting everything back where it belongs.

Every time I open this drawer to put on my jewelry in the morning, I’m reminded of how “grown-up” I feel. When I take it out to reveal my favorite items, it’s a pleasant surprise.

The greatest thing is that it’s hidden away and won’t take up any of our precious storage space. The top of our dresser, on the other hand, was decked up with some of my favorite glitz.

Originally purchased for Finn’s watch collection, this West Elm gold box now houses some of my most prized possessions and sunglasses. It’s very neat and tidy on top of our dresser, and I adore how it appears. Having a full-length mirror in our master bedroom has always been a dream of mine, so getting rid of my jewelry stand was a huge relief.

We’ve added a full-length mirror to our collection.

The identical leaning mirror is now on the far wall beside the bathroom, and I am in awe of its beauty… It gives the space a sense of openness, and the light from the windows is reflected in the ceiling. This is the first time in this home that I’ve been able to view my full attire from head to toe. Yes!

Now is the best time to cleanse and arrange all of your valuables. When you’ve completed this assignment, you’ll feel like a million dollars!