How to Order the Best Red Prawn Durians Online

Durian is one of the most popular fruits available in Singapore and Malaysia because of its sweet flavour. There are a wide variety of durian fruits available like the Mao Shan Wang, D13, D27, and Red prawn which vary in their taste and composition. However, the fruit has a very unpleasant smell due to which there are restrictions on consuming the fruit in public places in Singapore. Often people want to eat durian, yet do not have the time and energy to go to the local store to purchase the durian. Hence they are interested in finding out if it is possible to get the durian they want to be delivered to their home.

Red prawn

The red prawn is one of the most popular varieties of durian available in Malaysia since it is sweeter than most other durians which are available. So if this durian is used for making food, the user can reduce the amount of sugar or sweeteners which are used. This variety of durian is not related to seafood in any way, the name is derived from the appearance of the durian when it is opened, the flesh of the durian is slightly pinkish and is shaped like a cooked prawn. Some of the considerations for families and individuals who wish to shop red prawn durian in Singapore online and get it delivered to their homes are discussed below.


Typically a durian has a hard outer coating which has to be removed or cut open to access the soft flesh. Typically the soft edible flesh in the durian is only a quarter or less of the total weight of the durian. If the seller will supply the entire durian fruit, they will not be able to predict how much flesh the durian will have. So for the convenience of the customer, the durian is dehusked to remove the flesh, which is then packed and delivered to the address specified. Typically the smallest quantity of durian which the customer can order is 600 g which is packed in a box. If the customer wishes, he can also order durian with a husk, however, the order quantity should be at least 10 kg


The durians are usually delivered the same day the order is placed, though the buyer can schedule the delivery up to three days later if he wishes. Sellers offer free delivery for larger orders of $120 or above, and for orders of lower value, delivery charges of $10-12 have to be paid. The seller has motorcyclists who will deliver the durian to the address which is specified. Some durian lovers may want the entire durian delivered to their address and they will dehusk it themselves. In this case, since the fruits are larger in size and heavier, a car or van will be required so the delivery charges are higher.


Most of the sellers guarantee their customers that the durians supplied will be of good quality. If the customer is not satisfied, they can contact the seller who will replace the durians which are spoiled or not sweet.

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