How to Make Your Home Luxurious

Everyone needs to have a bit of luxury in their lives once in a while. You might want to splurge on a vacation to get a one-off fix, but bringing a little bit of indulgence into your home can give you a treat every time you walk in the door. Your house doesn’t have to be big either; the largest house can feel cheap and basic if it hasn’t had proper thought into it. 

With that in mind, here are a few ideas to bring some luxury into your home – some will cost, and others can be done on the cheap. Remember that your version of luxury will be unique to you, so the solutions you choose must work for your vision of your ideal abode. 


One thing to start with is to ensure everything has its own place. For example, you can’t make your home feel luxurious if you’re fighting your way through shoes to get to a doorway. Having drawers and cupboards to hide away daily essentials is a good start, but look at incorporating furniture that looks nice and in the style you want. Remember to look for items that are not necessarily designed for the purpose you want. For instance, can you repurpose a chest of drawers instead of buying an open shoe rack? 

Also, try to keep items in the same style, even if you don’t buy matching items. This will give your house a ‘curated’ look and less thrown together when possible. If you purchase items you genuinely like rather than what is convenient or necessary at the time, this will happen anyway. 

If you can’t afford or don’t want to buy new furniture, consider adding luxurious tocuhes to what you have. You can get couch covers to change the cover material of your seating and chairs or even dye the fabric. You could also consider altering or adding cushions to your dining chairs. If you have pale furniture, consider staining it darker if you feel dark wood is luxurious; if you think pale wood is more opulent, bleach your dark wood


Having carefully curated artwork on your walls is a surefire way to bring elegance into your home. It immediately gives a room impact and makes your space feel meticulously put together. When deciding where artwork goes, consider the blank space around it, too – this is just as important in making the piece look perfect when placed. For instance, take into consideration any lamps or furniture; you need to work with these items when working out where exactly to put your art. 

In addition, remember to frame anything going onto your walls; this will give it a finished and deliberate look. What’s more, the color of the mount you use and the frame itself can change the feel of the artwork and the room, so think carefully about where you want something to go. 

Many people worry about putting up artwork, either in committing to such a big personal statement or just that they will get it wrong. Firstly, it’s your house, and you aren’t committed – simply put something up, and if you don’t like it there, move it or change it. Secondly, there are professional hanging services that you can use if you want to. 

Specialist companies like Seido Art Services will advise where art can look best in your home; they also offer expert services for hanging in awkward areas or particularly heavy or delicate objects – so you aren’t restricted to paint on paper either.

Hard Surfaces

Altering hard surfaces in your home will be a bit more expensive, but it depends on what you do and how. Patterned tiles are currently very popular and can make a real difference to your home. Consider adding these to a porchway, bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways – all the places that traditionally would have had tiles (or a washable surface) in them. 

You can get this look more cheaply by using paint and stencils, laminate flooring, and even floor stickers. The important point is to ensure the pattern is in keeping with the style of the rest of the house. 

Updating your kitchen can quickly be done by changing the kitchen counter. Marble is often synonymous with luxury, but real marble can be tricky to maintain. If you have the money to update your counter, opting for real stone or wood will grant a luxurious air – particularly if you choose a waterfall top. 

However, replacing a laminate countertop is easier than you may think (there are various DIY methods to alter without replacing as well), and if you choose a look that co-ordinates with the floor or other areas of your home, you will give your kitchen an instant luxury facelift.  

Uniform Flooring

In other rooms in the house, having the same flooring across multiple rooms can give a feeling of luxury. When flooring changes from room to room, it can feel disjointed and put together piecemeal. 

If you decide to have the same carpet in all bedrooms and the landing, for instance, your home will immediately feel more thought through and in unison, which exudes classy, luxe vibes.