How to Make a Cinematic Video For TikTok

The rise of TikTok has led to a surge in vertical videos. More and more people started creating videos every day. Millions of vertical videos are created every day and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the flood of content. Creators are ready to go to any lengths to attract the attention of the audience. For this, it is necessary to create not just trendy content, but also high-quality content, that is, cinematic.

However, the question of how to make these videos cinematic is one that has puzzled many content creators. Without knowledge of professional video editing, beginners do not know what makes a video cinematic, and how to achieve cinematic results in vertical videos. Even experienced amateurs who edited videos for YouTube asked themselves this question: how to make a vertical video cinematic?

What is cinematic?

Cinematic is a term used to describe a video that has a high-quality, professional look and feel. That is, it is a video that immediately attracts the attention of a large audience. And if once cinematic was inherent mostly to films by famous directors, now cinematic is also present in vertical videos on Tik Tok.

The goal of the cinematic video is to create a sense of immersion for the viewer, transporting them into the world of the video. Not only to attract attention but also to keep it until the very end. The advantage of Tik Tok videos is that they are much shorter in length than full-length films. A few seconds of video is easier to watch to the end. But at the pace of the modern world, it is problematic to allocate even a few seconds. Therefore, vertical videos also need improvements and a professional approach.

Cinematic video is characterized by a range of visual and audio elements, including:

High-resolution images

Fortunately, modern gadgets allow you to shoot high-quality videos. You don’t have to have a professional camera to make a professional video. And it became a salvation for many content creators. With your phone in hand, you can shoot a professional-looking video anywhere and anytime.

Rich color grading

A beautiful video is a correctly drawn video. And now there are many filters available to make your video any color you want. A properly selected filter will make your video not only attractive but will also fill it with depth and give an additional effect to your idea. The audience will be simply delighted!

Smooth camera movements

Dynamic videos have always attracted attention. But the blurry and shaky video doesn’t look attractive. Your audience may simply not understand what is happening on the screen. Therefore, make dynamics in the frame itself! And leave the camera static or move it smoothly. Then all the details in the video can be seen. Additionally, you can stabilize your video so that the movements are definitely smooth.


No one likes dark, blurry, and noisy videos. And in the Tik Tok feed, they will be skipped immediately. Therefore, make sure that the place where you shoot is well-lit. Sometimes daylight from the window can be quite enough. And sometimes it is necessary to put a lamp and illuminate the place of filming. This will add depth to the video, objects will be more saturated and sharp.

Creative camera angles

In a world of constant challenges, you need to find a way to make your video stand out from the crowd. For this, it is necessary to select unusual angles. This will help to capture already familiar objects and movements from a new angle and add novelty and creativity. By choosing a variety of angles, you enrich your videos and distinguish them from others.

Appropriate soundtrack

No Tik Tok video is complete without music. From the hottest new releases to the timeless classics – all this music is used daily by thousands of content creators. But to make the video more cinematic, just popular music will not be enough. Music should be selected for the video so that it emphasizes and complements the atmosphere and idea. You can also add various sounds that will complement everything that happens in the frame. This way, the audience will be able to better immerse themselves in watching your videos and will definitely watch it to the end.

Cinematic in the world of vertical videos

The rise of vertical video has created a number of new challenges for content creators. Aspect ratio, composition, approach to filming and video editing, timing – all this had to be adapted to the new format. Vertical videos present a unique challenge when it comes to achieving cinematic results. 

What difficulties may arise:

  • objects do not fit into the frame
  • it is difficult to display the composition in the frame
  • it is difficult to shoot wide panoramic shots
  • the light illuminates the premises or objects incorrectly
  • video is shaking 

The vertical format means that the frame is much narrower than in a traditional landscape video. This can make it difficult to capture the full range of visual and audio elements that make a video cinematic. However, there are several techniques that content creators can use to achieve cinematic results in vertical videos.

Use high-quality equipment

Lightweight phones can transmit shake in the video, even with a built-in stabilizer. And it makes the video not clear and unattractive. To do this, content creators can often use a tripod or an electronic stabilizer that is specially designed for mobile phones. Investing in good equipment can make a massive difference in the quality of the final product. This also applies to sound recording. If the phone is too far from you or the microphone in the phone is of poor quality, it is worth stocking up with a microphone for phones or a recorder to record high-quality sound.

Choose the right aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of a video plays a crucial role in its overall look and feel. For vertical videos, it is essential to choose an aspect ratio that complements the content. It is necessary to understand that simply taking a horizontal video and inserting or enlarging it under a vertical one will be the wrong decision. It is impossible to transmit panoramas in a vertical video, but you can emphasize something else. For example, if the video showcases a tall building, it may be best to use a 9:16 aspect ratio to emphasize the height of the building.


Composition is another essential element of creating cinematic vertical videos. Since the frame is narrow, it is important to carefully consider the placement of objects within the frame. Correct placement will allow you to focus on the most important thing. The audience will understand what you want to show them and will be able to correctly perceive the idea that you are telling them. Placement of objects in the center will be the best solution. You also have a lot of space at the top, so you can shoot objects at full height or use decor that will decorate the space in the mountain. Don’t forget the basics either. The rule of thirds is a useful guideline to follow when composing the shot.


The final step in creating a cinematic vertical video is editing. This includes color grading, audio editing, and adding special effects. The goal of editing is to create a seamless, polished video that captures the viewer’s attention and makes a sense of immersion. The best solution would be to make a dynamic montage since the duration of a Tik Tok video is only a few seconds. You can also use titles, collages, and various transitions. This will add individuality and creativity to your videos. Do not forget about the music that will emphasize the dynamics of your video. Editing videos to the beat of music can be a great solution. The audience will definitely appreciate it!


Many factors affect video editing. Among them may be the popularization of a separate social network, such as Tik Tok. Tik Tok has taken vertical videos to a new level. Many content creators now create thousands of vertical videos every day. With so much competition, editors want to make their vertical videos cinematic.

Achieving cinematic results in vertical videos requires careful attention to detail and a range of techniques. Using high-quality equipment, choosing the right aspect ratio, carefully composing the shot, using creative lighting, and editing the video all play crucial roles in creating a cinematic vertical video. By following these tips and techniques, content creators can create high-quality, professional-looking videos that stand out on social media platforms like TikTok.