How to Help Your Child Improve Their Communication

Writing and reading are important to your child’s education, but good oral language increases confidence. One of the best ways to improve a child’s communication is engaging them in conversations. Parents have a big role in their children’s language development. Research has shown that children who speak and read well have better grammar than others. Musical theatre classes in Singapore are also available to help the child’s communication. Below we discuss how you can help your child improve their communication.

1. Talk with the Child Often

Children with communication issues may lack the courage to talk in front of others. A parent’s job is to initiate many conversations with the child to help them improve. This step will make the child more comfortable, and open up. You can also talk about where you are going when driving to keep the child engaged. It will also help to watch TV shows with the child and comment during commercial breaks. These steps will show the child how to start conversations relevant to their surroundings. Introduce concepts and new words to help the child incorporate them into their grammar.

2. Listen to the Child and Reflect

Listening and expanding to someone’s speech are among the essential communication skills. It will help to repeat part of your child’s speech and ask questions to show you are keen. Listening to the child makes them feel more comfortable to start conversations since they know you listen.

3. Limit the Child’s Television and Computer Usage

Research has shown that children below three years should not watch television. Even though some educational shows are helpful, TV shows do not interact with these children. Remember, interactions and responding are essential to help a child learn. Computer games are also interactive but do not respond to the child’s brilliant ideas. It is thus wise you consider musical theatre classes in Singapore for your child.

4. Treat Ear Infections

Children who stay in groups are vulnerable to ear infections. Ear infections can trigger a hearing loss, thus a language delay. Ensure you take the child to a pediatrician and daily give them the correct dose. It will also help to schedule an appointment with the pediatrician after the dose is complete to make sure the condition is cleared.

5. Talk About the Child’s Day

It will help to ask your child to describe their day in as much detail as possible. You can begin by asking the best parts at school since it helps in sequencing. Sequencing and recalling are essential skills for children struggling with the language. This sharing also helps create a better bond with the child.

6. Nonverbal Language

It is possible to improve your child’s communication skills without talking. We mainly communicate via nonverbal language and not verbally. Nonverbal language enables the child to know what someone is saying. Children should have the skill to connect nonverbal cues to have good communication. You can improve communication in the following ways;

· Eye contact

· Smiling

· Limiting distractions.

Good communication skills are important for children. Parents play a huge role in their child’s language. The above article has strategies that will help parents achieve this. Feel free to contact us about all children-related issues. We have a team of experts that will guide you on how to raise a child well.