How to Download KMSAuto

The kmsauto net activator program is distributed by the author for free. On the Internet, you can find many sources of distribution of the program. But since you have come to our site, then we will tell you how to download kms activator from our site.

A little bit about the program.

Kmsauto is an activator that does not hack programs and does not flash the operating system, but simply creates a virtual controlled activation server on your PC. This server is responsible for activating office and windows programs. 

How to download the latest version of kmsauto

The program developer releases updates every quarter of the year. We are closely monitoring this and posting the latest version of the program on our resource. 

Download KmsAuto Net

Do I need to disable the antivirus in order to download kmsauto

Usually an antivirus does not prevent downloading an archive with an activator inside. But after unpacking the archive with kmsauto net, the antivirus marks the program as undesirable and blocks its functions. Therefore, it is better to pause your antivirus in advance. 

How much does it cost to download the activator

You can download kmsauto absolutely for free on our website. Maybe someone is selling this utility, but the author has made it free for everyone. 
How much free hard disk space is needed for the activator ;
Before downloading kms activator, make sure that there is at least 50 megabytes of free space on your hard disk. 

How to open the kms auto zip archive

After you have downloaded the archive with the activator, it can be opened by all programs working with zip archives. We personally advise the most popular and free winrar and winzip archivers . If you observe errors during activation, then you should restart the computer and perform the activation procedure again.

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