How to Design the Ultimate Patio to Beat the Heat

Temperatures are soaring, and they’re only getting hotter. This is the reality for everyone everywhere. While there’s little that we as individuals can do about things like daily temperature changes, there are ways that you can make your home cooler and more comfortable without blowing your budget on air conditioning. 

The answer is to look to nature. 

This is usually the answer, but it’s not always practical. The good news is that, for homeowners, looking to nature is both how you can block out the heat and make your home more beautiful and enjoyable. You can design a stunning patio, for example, that gives you a new, cool place to hang out when the temperatures get hot – so long as you design the landscaping around it as well. To get started, all you need is to use these top tips.

Start by Adding Large Trees

Trees can cut the heat on the ground by almost 10°C. Natural shade provided by thousands of leaves is always going to result in more heat reduction than a cover or tent ever could. This is because it provides greater coverage, and the wind can easily cut through the branches, meaning that heat can’t buildup underneath the foliage. 

Investing in large trees that can cover your home and patio area is a must. 

Alternatives include investing in a veranda or awning. You can then encourage vine plants or climbing roses to grow around these structures to provide natural shade that once again blocks out the sun without accumulating heat. 

Make Your Patio Comfortable 

If your patio area isn’t comfortable, then you aren’t going to use it. That’s why you need to upgrade your space with the latest stunning collections from Forshaw St Louis. They have everything you need to turn your outside space into a comfortable, spacious outdoor living room. Just remember to invest in a water-tight storage system or set aside some space in your home to keep any soft furnishings like cushions out of the inclement weather. 

For the best result, choose options that are naturally breathable and light in color. These don’t retain heat nearly as much as darker shades that are waterproof. Even waterproof furnishings like cushions or pillows need to be brought inside since water can enter them. In short, skip the water-resistant furnishings and enjoy something light, soft to the touch, and nice to sit on. 

Use Lattices to Direct Wind 

Latices are a great way to add design, frame your patio space, and give climbing plants something to hold onto. They’re also a great tool to direct and focus the wind. When you force any substance through a small hole, it gets sharper and faster. This is true for water, and it’s true for air. By using latices or similar designs that force air through your patio area, you can naturally keep it cooler while adding to the overall design.