How to choose the right modular kitchen accessories and appliances for Indian kitchen

A modular kitchen is perhaps the only name among the homemakers. Everyone would love to have a fantastic kitchen with ample storage that looks sleek and stylish. However, it takes a lot of knowledge to create a modular kitchen design. You must know that every element you include in the kitchen design will impact its look.

The modern time modular kitchen is an excellent addition to urban style homes. These are customized as per the needs of the homemaker. Modular kitchen design is something that stands out compared to conventional Indian kitchen designs. This modular kitchen would maximize storage and ensure convenience. Besides, they are an ergonomic choice for homemakers as well.

Since you’re planning to create a modular Indian kitchen, we will talk about everything that would help you to fulfill your expectations.

Create a Layout

So, first things first – you have to decide on the size of the kitchen that you have. It will always work perfectly if you have a straight, U shaped or L-shaped kitchen. The reason is that such a kitchen shape ensures a proper workflow.

Keep in mind the Golden triangle rule where the sink, the hob and the refrigerator become the limelight of the kitchen. Moreover, you must keep in mind that there should be a minimum distance of 4 to 9 feet between each point.

Select Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to designing an Indian kitchen, there is always a need to keep the appliances and utensils in mind. So, while designing the kitchen, you have to consider the appliances. Kitchen chimneys in India are offered by a lot of brands, but you have to make sure that the chimney unit has been appropriately positioned.

It should be just above the oven. Since gas stoves again have to play a vital role in the looks, you must choose meticulously. Check out the best gas stoves in India to make the right choice. You will also have to think about placing a microwave in this phase. When you keep these major appliances in mind and create storage accordingly in the designing phase, it becomes more spacious and looks classy.

Find Out Storage

Try analyzing the storage needs of the kitchen. You should always consider drawers of different sizes and cabinets where you can store utensils, cutlery, other electronic appliances and spices. Consider dedicating a separate and exclusive drawer to house your exquisite Laguiole cutlery. Make sure that you’re planning the storage in a way that it becomes easier for you to get hold of the spices and utensils.

When it comes to Indian kitchen, spices definitely play a significant role. So there is a need to make sure that the unit for storing spices is at a convenient distance. This will allow you to grab the spices while cooking quickly. Pay attention to the vertical storage more by improving the height of the cabinets overhead. You can stretch it to the ceiling level to use the storage properly.

You must keep in mind that if you leave a gap between the ceiling and the overhead cabinets, the chances of accumulating dust increase, and so as your efforts to keep your kitchen clean. So it is always advised to take the cabinets to the ceiling to get more storage options and reduce the chances of dust accumulation.

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Make Proper Selection of The Materials

When you plan to make a modular kitchen design, it is always advised to use high-quality plywood. The reason why we recommend using durable materials is that kitchens gather the most moisture in your home. Along with the chances of getting exposed to water is high.

Therefore when you choose a material correctly, it will make sure that it sustain for years. For its exterior cabinets, you can choose between membrane finish, laminate, acrylic or Duco paint finish. Apart from this, when it is about the countertop materials, quartz and granites are mostly preferred. Do not use marble as it contains pores, which can stain very easily.

Colour Combination

If you check the modular Indian kitchen, most interior designers choose two-toned colour schemes that contrast. It is up to you whether you want to include a matte finish or a glossy finish. A glossy finish could easily show the fingerprints, while matte finished one won’t. However, it is effortless to clean the glossy cabinets, while a matte finish would require some effort.

Do Not Forget To Introduce Cabinet Lighting

No wonder you will always have ceiling lighting that will light up the entire kitchen but apart from that, you should not forget about the undercabinet lighting. Since there is a chance of casting shadows under the cabinet, you must introduce the lighting under your cabinet. It will illuminate your countertop and make sure that you can see everything correctly.

Final Verdict

So now that you know about the ways to create a successful Modular kitchen design, you might find it easy. Strategic planning always yields the best results.