How to Choose the Best Tablet for Students in India

In the recent era, there is a need for the students to start looking for the best tablet that they can use for the study. With the world moving into these high-end gadgets for education, there is always a need for the parents and students themselves to look for the features first before buying. No wonder that a tablet can be enough for both entertainment and education; buying can be difficult and regretful later if not considered the features first. 

So if you are a student or a parent looking for educational gadgets for students, you have landed on the right page. Without any further ado, we will straightaway jump into finding the features that you need as a student.

1.Size of the screen

Students definitely need a tablet with a good screen that would be not too big for them, along with not too small, that it becomes challenging to find out the information. Therefore you must be aware of your needs first before you move ahead to buying. 

You will normally find the tablets are available in a few screen sizes, which include 12.9/11 inches which is the biggest one till now, 10.5 inches, and 10.2 inches, respectively. The big screen can be valuable for students as it is great when it comes to multitasking or viewing apps on the sides. 

You can open two apps at the same time and write the notes that are given by the teacher on the other side. However, if you are okay with writing in your copy, you can definitely go for the smaller screens. 10.2 and 10.5 inches of screen size are definitely not bad at all.

2. Storage

Next is one of the most crucial things that every student would need is the storage space. You need to find out the physical storage that you would need keeping in mind about the range of apps that you need for the classes. Remember; when you need more apps, you need more storage, and this storage will be constantly taken off by the apps. 

With the variants available from 64GB to 128GB to 256GB, you can choose anyone. However, if you are planning to keep all your photos or apps on your phone, you need to go for more storage. 128 GB will be enough for you in your have cloud storage where you can keep your photos and documents. 

You must keep in mind the budget while planning, as the more you choose, the pricier will be your tablet. So make sure that you are choosing as per your budget and storage requirements accordingly.

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2. Battery 

Being a student, you will need to attend the classes. It can be back to back or might have a break time in between. In the days when you have back to back classes, you might not get enough time to charge the tablet. Therefore, keeping the battery performance in mind should be one of the most crucial things that you must not forget. 

The best would always be when a tablet is able to give 8 hours of constant support with taking less time to charge can be just the right choice to make. Forgetting this valuable feature can later result in regretting later after buying.

4. Writing performance

When it comes to considering the writing performance, you must not forget to check the Apple pencil. When you are buying a tablet, you just need a pencil as it makes the work a lot easier. You will not only find it easy to write notes or offer presentations easily, but also it makes it very easy to access the apps. 

These pencils are created keeping in mind about the grips and needs of the students. So when you buy it, you can stay assured that you will find it very easy to hold and write with it. However, you must keep in mind the budget.

5. Weight

When you are buying a tablet, you can stay assured that you will not face shoulder or back pain because of is very easy on your arms and shoulders. Being manufactured for the students, not only do these iPads fit easily on your bag, but also you will hardly feel the weight on your shoulders. 

Bottom Line

Indian education system is progressing day by day. And the use of technical gadgets are helping students a lot to complete their task faster. No doubt getting a tablet for students in India become crucial in the digital age, and therefore the more you make thorough checking before buying, the better you get. The above-mentioned are some of the most common features that you should check before buying to make the best choice and not regret it later.