How to Become a Travel Blogger? Your Essential Guide

What could be better than traveling? You go on a trip, explore new places, meet new people and get new experiences. However, would you like to make travel a lifestyle but not a temporary pleasure? Yes, it’s possible, for this you need to become a successful travel blogger who makes money from his hobby.

Today, travel blogging is a great way to express your thoughts, share your impressions, find associates and also make money. And to get started, you must first choose your creative direction. As soon as you get a reliable travel insurer, of course, you’re pretty much limited only by your imagination in this exciting venture.

For example, you like to travel by car. You often hire a car for your trips and have a lot to tell your potential readers. For example, what to pack for your trip to the UK, how to book a car rental London under 25, or why a hire car is a great way to spend your vacation. 

Of course, choosing a travel niche is important, but you have a long way to go to success. A travel blogger is not just a person who succeeds in photographing. This is a full-fledged profession that requires a set of complex skills. Fortunately, you can learn everything. Moreover, now we will tell you in detail what exactly you need to become a travel blogger!

Find a way to make money

You’ve probably seen that most travel bloggers create the image of wealthy people who can afford to stay in a luxury hotel and eat delicious food. Quite often, popular bloggers get it all for free. They promise hoteliers to advertise their hotels on their blogs, and hotels should at least provide them with accommodation and food. 

Unfortunately, this method won’t work if you are a beginner blogger. Therefore, at the initial stage, you will have to invest in your media image, that is, pay for luggage storage in London and other services out of your pocket.

That’s why you need to take care of where to get money for your trips. If you have an apartment that you can hire out and receive passive income, that’s great. If you have the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world on a laptop, this is also very convenient. The main thing is that your work leaves you at least a little free time for travel blogging!

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Don’t put everything on the line 

Before starting your journey, you need to be ready for everything. What if travel blogging isn’t what you want to do? At first it will be difficult for you, as in any business. So, you need a home to return to and people who are always waiting for you. 

That’s why you shouldn’t completely burn bridges behind you. It’s better to enlist the support of relatives and friends in advance since anything can happen.

Decide on a blogging format 

Try to define a concept before you start making content. It’s always clear what, how, and when should you do if you have a well-defined posting concept. For example, decide on a platform to publish. Some people use Instagram, which is more suitable for spectacular photos, small text posts, and short videos with no complex editing. You don’t even need complex equipment with this format. A smartphone with a good camera and a comfortable laptop of average performance will be enough. 

But if you want to hit YouTube with spectacular videos, you need more sophisticated tools. These can be professional photo and video cameras, drones, and laptops. It’s probably best to start with the simpler things to hone your photography, photo editing, and post-writing skills. After that, you can move on to more complex content types.

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Purchase the equipment you need 

Once you’ve decided on a blogging format, let’s talk a little more about the tools it requires. Remember the most important rule: the more gadgets you have, the more diverse your content is. 

For example, you can’t do without an action camera, steadicam, quadcopter, microphone, as well as a powerful laptop in order to create high-quality videos. Moreover, you will need professional software for processing the filmed material.

Get ready to learn new skills 

As you already understood, travel blogging is a type of activity that includes many different professions – from an editor to a marketer. That’s why you have to learn many important and useful skills, which will take a lot of time. Get ready for this. 

These skills can be public speaking, TED-style coaching, skills on working with all your equipment, the ability to think creatively, write scripts, direct scenes, draw up content plans, and so on. Fortunately, there are many tutorials on YouTube where people share their experiences and show you how to learn a particular skill.

How to Become a Travel Blogger (According to a Travel Blogger)

Promote yourself online 

There’s so much content now that hyping in an organic way is getting harder and harder. That’s why you need to think carefully about how to promote yourself online. Your promotion strategy will depend on the type of content and its distribution channels. 

However, you will definitely need to master targeted advertising and run it on all major social networks – from Instagram to Facebook. In addition, contests with reposts or tagging friends’ accounts in the comments work well on social networks. 

In order to promote your content in this way, you need to come up with a tempting promotion and motivate users to follow a few simple steps that will bring your account to the top.

Just start blogging 

The hardest part of any business is getting started. You can think for days and weeks about how you will travel the world, and write about it in your Instagram account. However, this won’t lead you to anything significant until you take action. 

The simplest thing is to start with local trips. Try to visit nearby cities with sights and tell about them on Instagram. This is the most efficient and quickest way to understand how everything works in reality. Also, try not to listen to those who don’t believe you can compete with more successful bloggers. If you’re confident you can become a successful travel influencer, then you will…