How to Become a Lawyer

A lawyer is a defender of law and justice. A lawyer is an individual who understands legal issues and has the appropriate education.

Career prospects

There are many places where lawyers can work: the Ministry of Justice, the prosecutor’s office, government departments, scientific and educational institutions, commercial organizations, and other legal authorities. Lawyers are also invited to work for private companies, where they prepare legal documents, make sure that the contracts are properly drawn up and do not pose a threat to the companies, and give advice on different legal issues. As a rule, a specialist with experience becomes more in demand. There is a career ladder in the field of law: a legal corporate law attorneys adviser may become a judge in the long run. It is useful to start your career as an assistant. Of course, there will not be a high income, but it will provide a great opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in the future. Legislation is constantly changing, so a lawyer needs to keep track of changes. 

How much do lawyers get?

According to the BLS, the national average salary of a lawyer in the US is $144,230The salary depends on many different factors: the region (if the company is located in a small town, then the salary will be less than that of specialists who work in a big city), the company’s field of activity (if you are dealing with a large construction company, then you will have more income than lawyers who work with a textile company), education (specialists who have completed only courses will receive less than specialists with higher education), and so on.

How popular are lawyers?

There will always be a demand for lawyers because it is necessary to resolve different disputes or check the legality of documents. The more experience lawyers have, the more popular they are. 

Where to study law?

To become a lawyer, you must have a law degree, which can be obtained at a university. Nowadays, you can study law in almost every major university in the country. After graduating from university, to maintain a decent level of knowledge, it is necessary to take advanced training courses because the knowledge base and laws are updated from time to time.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Career prospects.
  • Exciting work with a variety of interesting tasks.
  • A high-paying job.
  • Opportunity to open a private practice and work on your own.
  • Prestigious profession.
  • Protection of rightsand freedoms.


  • Disgruntled clients are possible.
  • High level of competition.
  • High responsibility, no right to make mistakes.
  • Lots of paperwork.
  • Non-standard work schedule.
  • A stressful job and even some risks to life.
  • The need to monitor changes in legislation.

How to find a lawyer job?

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