How to become a billionaire company as a startup?

In this article, you will see how you can start your new business and grow as a billionaire company quickly.
If you are a new startup and you think your idea is worthy of a billionaire company, this article is for you.
If you are looking for a local business, this article may change your mind!

An idea for globalization and success must be chain and specific!
For example, when choosing a name for your brand, many companies may use this name in various businesses such as Travel Z, and Travel A Travel B.

An amazing and unique startup idea should have a unique name and brand that no one has ever had before.

What is the key?
Having a special and unique name
Being global
Being a chain
The key to success is for your company to have a unique name and adhere to a global chain system.

The richest companies we know have unique names, and their systems are global and chain.
Like most popular social media companies, most American fast-food companies.

In new businesses and startups, some companies work well and have all three keys.

Luxury Richland LLC is one of those successful startup companies!

Luxury Richland LLC company is one of the few startup companies that have all keys. 

With no investors, the company was able to raise the capital it needed through the domain name business, and now has only about $ 80 million to build the headquarters.

The startup video company, with a global and chain goal, started in 2021 and is now in the early stage.

One of the successes of this startup is that a large number of video makers work with this company remotely, and after the full launch of this company, it will be one of the largest and best video chain companies in the world.

And at this moment. They have over 2000 remote videographers from all over the world! Imagine your company is in the early stages and you have more than 2000 remote employees!

In this video, you can see that the company has a team of remote videographers who produce the most professional videos.

So how do we learn?

All startup entrepreneurs need to learn the keys to the richest companies.

The people are the target, not only local people! worldwide people!

Because they use your services and make your company rich or rich, and if you use those keys, you will achieve your goal.

Top Name + Global + Chain = People = Your Goal

Your company services should cover all people in all languages.

Your brand name should be famous. All people, even from the poorest countries, should know your brand name.

(Like those American fast-food companies that are famous in every country or that social media app that more than 3 billion people use)

What are the challenges?

First of all, your company must have an experienced CEO or management team, because the global and chain version requires a high level of knowledge and strategy.

Second, you must first complete your core company and then start working on the global version. If you run the global version first, you have made a big mistake.

You have to build a separate team for your global version, and each team has to focus on each version, just like Luxury Richland LLC, which makes good use of this method.

So this strategy makes your company global and chain and you become a billion-dollar company.

Author: Alex Collian ( Startups researcher )


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