How Retailers Can Use Digital Signage to Improve The In-Location Experience

The most common use of digital signs is as promotional tools. You have to think of them like digital posters. Where you would put up posters showing promotions and offers, you can now put up digital signs and have all the offers and promotions running as you see fit. Instead of printing up and putting up your posters every few weeks, you can have your offers rotate every few minutes. This function alone is why many retailers invest in digital signs. However, there are other ways you can improve the in-location experience with digital signs.

Improve Your Overall Aesthetic

You see this sort of thing all the time in bars and clubs and perhaps in digital goods stores, but there is nothing stopping you from using digital signs in stores to improve how the place looks and feels.

Even the Simpsons had digital signs in bars back in 2001, and that is when the average digital sign cost $1950, and that is the old figure, it doesn’t account for inflation. You too can add flair and an atmosphere to your retail area with a few digital signs, and it will cost you a fraction of the cost it would have done 20 years ago.

Info-tainment In Your Retail Area

Have you seen those vets waiting rooms where they have digital signs? They show you information about pets, fireworks, and nervousness, they show you videos about pet illnesses, and they give you pet facts that are interesting. They don’t just hit you with advertisements, they slide the ads in between their information and entertainment, and you can do the same.

Demonstrate Your Items

You can have some minimum wage person demonstrate your Japanese knives ten times per day, each time becoming less and less interested and more and more tired. Or, you can have a digital sign demonstrating your knives 30 times per day, each time with the exact same amount of enthusiasm. Plus, there are plenty of larger items that you cannot demonstrate in store. When people are looking at your items, you are forcing them to go online and look for demonstrations of how they work. Then, since they searched for that term, they are inundated with affiliate advertising for that product, whereupon they order it online. Avoid all of this and demonstrate your products in store with your digital signs. 

Compared and Test Your Products

Go a step further than demonstrating your products. Actually show them under strenuous conditions. The people who created Smart cars proved that their tiny cars were safe by putting people inside them and hitting it with a wrecking ball. You can do the same with your products. Show your products working underwater. Show your products working while people are skiing. And, better still, show your products under stress while compared with other products. Show how your phones do not break when stood on, but how your competitor’s phones do break when stepped on.

A Post Pandemic World

If you think we are living in a post-pandemic world, then you are very much mistaken. A lot of massive companies made record profits during the lock down, and they squashed almost all of their medium-sized and smaller competitors. If you think lock downs are over, then think again. But, the small and medium sized business can weather the coming storms by becoming future proof. 

Grab some post-pandemic digital signage, and the signs can be used to tell people how many may enter the store. They may tell people which counters and tills to approach. And, as McDonalds has proven, the signs can be used to allow people to order their stuff without ever needing to approach another human being. Become future proof and start installing digital signs today.