How Much Does Stucco Painting Typically Cost?

Whether you’re painting the exterior of a new building or updating an older home, stucco painting can transform the look of your property. And while the cost of stucco painting might initially seem steep, several factors contribute to that expense.

Here are some primary factors that impact the cost of stucco painting, so you can fully understand what you’re paying for and why.

Stucco Material

The quality and type of stucco being painted over will be a significant cost factor. If you’re trying to paint over a low-quality plaster, it will require more coats of stucco paint to give it a desirable finish. As a result, it will be more expensive to paint.


The condition of the surface being painted and the required level of preparation will affect the cost of the stucco paint. The surface should be clean and free of cracks, chips, or damage. Any repairs or preparation work needed to achieve this will add to the cost of the job.

Size of the Stucco Surface

Large stucco surfaces, such as the walls of a home, will take more time, and stucco paint, both of which will increase the cost of the job. On the other hand, painting a smaller surface on a stucco surface will result in less time and ultimately will be less expensive.

The Number of Coats of Paint

The number of coats of paint needed to complete the job will also affect the stucco paint cost. You will need more paints if you are trying to change the color drastically or if the surface underneath needs repair or is damaged. Adding more coats of paint means additional time and resources are needed.

Complexity of Design

Some areas of a home’s exterior or interior might have intricate designs on stucco surfaces, requiring more time and precision to stucco paint. This complexity will also impact the cost of the job as additional time is needed for painters to achieve the desired finish.

Labor Costs

The number of painters working on a job and the hourly rates they charge will play a significant role in the cost of labor. Extensive or complex jobs may require a team of painters, which increases the cost.


The cost of stucco painting varies from one location to the next. Depending on the local economy, cost of living, and availability of paints and other supplies may cause the job price to differ in different cities.

How Much Does The Stucco Paint Typically Cost? – In Conclusion

Stucco painting is a significant investment, as several factors will impact the cost of the job. Factors such as the quality of the stucco, the size of the surface being painted, the number of coats of stucco paint required, and the complexity of the design will determine the total cost of the job.

Do your research and find qualified and reputable painters for your painting project. Considering these factors, you can take concrete steps to ensure that the job’s cost remains reasonable and within your budget.