How Matt Ellis is Transforming Prosser School District

Matthew Ellis has taken the reins as Superintendent of the Prosser School District. Under his leadership, the district has undergone a remarkable transformation. By prioritizing creating a positive and supportive environment for students, Ellis has focused on their overall growth and development, not just academic achievement. With a commitment to excellence, he has been instrumental in bringing about positive changes that have profoundly impacted the students and staff. 

In this article, we will explore the steps taken by Matt Ellis in transforming the Prosser School District into a place where students thrive.

Collective Ownership for Achievement

Matthew believes achieving the best outcomes requires collaboration and teamwork. He implemented a data-driven planning approach that encourages teachers and principals to collectively own their students’ achievements. By prioritizing collective ownership for achievement, Matthew empowers educators to work together towards a common goal, identifying areas of need and taking necessary steps to address them. This approach is fundamental to the success of Prosser students, ensuring they receive the support and resources they need to thrive in their educational journey.

Embedded Professional Development Programs

One of his significant accomplishments has been the introduction of embedded professional development programs designed to help teachers improve their skills and knowledge. Ellis has created a culture of continuous learning for the staff by implementing adult learning plans associated with the school improvement plans. As a result, teachers have become more effective in their roles, and students have achieved higher levels of success. Ellis’ forward-thinking approach is transforming the Prosser school district and paving the way for a brighter future for its students.

Intervention Programs and Support Services

As the superintendent, Matt has been instrumental in implementing innovative programs and support services that are helping to improve student outcomes and teacher success. By taking an active approach and utilizing his expertise in education, Matt has brought positive changes to the district, particularly in intervention programs and support services. His leadership and dedication to improving the education system have made him highly respected in the community.


Through his transformative leadership, Matt Ellis has brought about significant improvements in the Prosser School District. By fostering a culture of collective ownership, the district has witnessed a remarkable increase in student achievement. Prosser High School’s graduation rate has soared to 85-89%, surpassing the Washington state average of 84%. Along with the improved academic outcomes, the school community has also experienced a positive impact due to this collaborative approach. Ellis’ vision and dedication have genuinely transformed the Prosser School District.

Leadership and Vision

Matt Ellis has been instrumental in driving the district’s transformation by prioritizing academic programs, creating a supportive environment, and focusing on personal growth. He has implemented data-driven planning with principals and teachers, refined professional development programs, and implemented intervention and support services for students and employees. Thanks to his efforts, the district has seen improved academic programs and increased student achievement. Matthew’s commitment to excellence is evident in the positive changes he has brought to the Prosser School District.


Matt Ellis is a dedicated and passionate educator committed to transforming the Prosser School District. His focus on creating a positive and supportive student environment, implementing data-driven planning, and introducing embedded professional development programs have yielded excellent results. His leadership and vision have significantly impacted the district’s academic programs and student achievement.