How images can improve SEO

Visual content plays an important role for a better site experience and search visibility. To attract the target audience and get the maximum amount of traffic, you need to pay attention to image optimization. If the pictures are in the output block, users will click on them and go to the corresponding site.

The following factors influence the ranking of a site:

  • Resolution and Image Quality – Search engines rank better for high quality images. The optimal resolution is 1200×800 pixels. The exact size always depends on the specifics of the picture and the goals of the user. You can display an image in a compressed format on the page, prompting visitors to open it in a better quality using a new tab or pop-up window;
  • Context – the features of inserting an image into the page text also play an important role. Websites often use images that are not very relevant. But don’t use visuals just to make your site look better. It is recommended to add your own pictures that illustrate the theme of the site. In this case, the resource will look more authoritative and capacious, and the pictures will optimize it;
  • Uniqueness – if the site has original pictures, infographics or illustrations, it will rank better in the search engine. Using unique photos is much better than stock images. Even Google representatives point out that unique images are more attractive to visitors;
  • Responsive images and maximum loading speed – it is very important that the first part of the page loads as quickly as possible. Images are considered the heaviest elements, so their optimization always affects the site loading speed. It is important to use responsive images that can adapt to any screen size and are suitable for computers, smartphones.

Before adding your images to the site, it is recommended to make sure that the format is correctly chosen. There are a large number of image formats, but png and jpg are considered especially popular. Png – images with maximum resolution, but their disadvantage is the large file size. Jpg has a much lower weight, but the quality is always worse. Most often, jpg pictures are used for large visual images. For everyday use, png images are a great option.

Before using pictures, you need to make sure that there are no copyrights. Many stock photo providers may own the images but not be licensed to use them. In such a case, the user who used these pictures for their site could be embroiled in a lengthy lawsuit. Google Imagine applies results filtering based on reusable results. To exclude the possibility of copyright infringement, it is recommended to take photos from verified photo stocks that have licenses.


Picture optimization allows you to improve the search visibility of the site in order to enhance the interaction of visitors with the content. Visual search is constantly evolving, growing and adapting to the needs of customers, so you always need to correctly assess the importance of pictures and photos. For indexing clickability, it is recommended to use the recommendations of search engines: prescribe informative attributes, compress files, add structured text, but it is important to add the right pictures that fully correspond to the context and are valuable for the target audience.

There are many useful resources for designing and promoting the site. The jquery library is designed to work with HTML and JavaScript. With its help, you can embed a gallery on the site and use unique visual effects. For this library, a large number of galleries are presented on the network. Galleries such as Photoframe, JBox, Nano Gallery and others are especially popular.