How Does SEO Strategy Increase Customer Engagement for Various Industries

The realm of marketing has taken off to the digital platform. The pandemic demanded sellers be more creative in their marketing endeavors. Moving towards an online marketing strategy has brought with it many benefits to the industries involved.

For example, the jewelry industry, specifically, diamonds was able to reach a younger audience because young people spend more time browsing online shops. Not to mention, their revenue also rose significantly.

Marketing and SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of planning for your website’s improvement. That improvement pertains to the ranking on search engine results. An SEO strategy is what will create organic leads to your website. And that comes from being in a higher rank in search engine results.

SEO strategies are best developed when you have a full understanding of your target audience. That’s because when you plan your SEO strategy, you’ll be taking them into consideration. This in turn will make your website more marketable and sought out.

Apart from what we already mentioned, there are more ways with which SEO strategies can increase customer engagement. And those apply to many different industries.

1. Build Rapport and Trust

Earlier, we mentioned how it’s best to craft SEO strategies with your target audience in mind. That applies to this particular item. In other words, SEO is always done with user experience (UX) often as a priority.

User experience will dictate how your audience interacts with your website. Nothing irritates a website visitor more than a poor experience with your business. A good user experience will get you those web clicks and increased traffic. And that translates to trust.

In effect, your SEO will also increase. Over time, these organic searches will get you closer to being on the first page of search engines.

A Good UX Should Involve the Following:

Your prospects need to be able to navigate through your website smoothly. To do that, your site needs a solid foundation. But there are more ingredients to that. You need a creative web design, tone, and branding that will harmonize into the best user experience.

Besides, customers almost always know what they want. But it’s your job as the seller to find that out and meet their standards. Otherwise, your SEO will deteriorate. Whether it’s products, services, or information, you need to be a trustworthy source.

For example, if you’re in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, you need to have the information and means to solve your customers’ problems. Otherwise, you’ll lose prospects and your authority and SEO will suffer.

The same can be said when you’re in the diamond industry. Diamonds are a precious commodity. They’re often used for proposal rings and other diamond jewelry. The prospects usually don’t have enough time to research diamonds and your products.

In effect, your website needs to have everything they need to know about your wares. What clarity of diamonds should they get for their engagement rings? What are the designs of wedding bands for women? How different are lab-grown diamonds from mined ones?

Building trust organically with your prospects comes from good SEO and user experience. This is further proven with organic searches helping your page be on the search engine results pages (SERP). You can say that SEO and UX are a two-way street where the improvement of one affects the other.

In the long run, your investment in SEO and UX will pay off as you keep optimizing your business.

2. Be Visible and Attract Prospects

To attract visibility online means that your website has something your customers searched for. Online, customers know what they’re looking for most of the time. Your keywords matter a lot in this regard. 

The moment your prospects see you as someone who meets their standards, you engage them and strike while the iron is hot. However, that only comes after they notice you. SEO makes it possible for those prospects to see you.

Local SEO is also a big contributor to visibility. It uses your business’s geographical location as part of the search results. When a prospect searches for anything within a certain geographical proximity, you’d want to see your webpage on the first page results.

For example, if your prospect wants to buy diamond jewelry and get it immediately, they can type “jewelers selling diamond rings in XX State”. Being a seller in that geography will be beneficial to you. In this way, the diamond industry also benefits from SEO and keywords during the pandemic.

3. Paid versus Organic Searches

Digital marketing involves a lot of search engine marketing (SEM). It’s also known as paid search marketing which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It comes in the form of marketing campaigns like pay-per-click. They require strategic research so that you’ll increase your return on investment (ROI).

However, it’s important to note that people often know whether the search engine results are ads or not. Your methods aside, what you really want is to gain more organic traffic. Paid search campaigns are just one of the many things you can try.

For example, if your prospects are searching for anything related to pets, your pet service ads can appear on the first page. The same will happen for ads related to diamond jewelry. They’re normally located at the very top of the results with an “ad” tag on the side.

It’s advantageous if done well because you can purposely market your business to the audience you want. However, an organic search uses more SEO tactics, like keyword searches. This helps your content appear to a wider range of prospects who are more specific with their needs.

4. Business Expansion with Click Share

Click share refers to an estimate of the total clicks your business gets. It’s only visible for search and shopping campaigns. But here’s what’s important: you need great SEO because it goes hand-in-hand with organic results. And organic results get a large amount of click share.

The data from click share is often used for search and shopping campaigns. You can imagine how much it’s used by different industries. Whether you’re in real estate or the clothing industry, click share will help you strategize how to go about your ad campaigns.

Amazing SEO will land you significant impressions which are key to click share. This all contributes to the visibility, relevance, and quality of your business. In effect, it creates a strong digital presence.

Therefore, click share is a tool used with the intent of expanding your business. 


In the playing field of digital marketing, SEO has become a key weapon to becoming a successful entrepreneur. To be able to strategize with SEO, you’ll need to have an SEO analysis first. After that, you focus on customer engagement.

You must always consider your target audience when you’re planning to improve your rank on SERP. They are your prospects and the people who will more likely consume your products or services. Regardless of your industry, giving your prospects a positive user experience (UX) is a must.

SEO will get you on that first page but UX will make sure you stay there. Satisfied visitors who approve of your website’s quality and their experience will most likely return. To further your efforts, you may also use ad campaigns or paid searches.

Those will increase your visibility online and garner organic searches in the future. If you’re confident enough with your results, then you can use click share as a stepping stone to expanding your business someday.

All of those methods require you to have great SEO no matter what industry you hail from. But ultimately, SEO and UX are always a pair in these customer engagement strategies.