How Dmad Found Creativity Through God

In an entertainment industry full of social media tactics, dyed-hair era rap music, and fake followers, Dmad stands out with honesty, story-telling, and the power to lead others in a positive direction.

Dmad, a rapper/producer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is one of the most open, transparent artists we’ve seen in a while. He shared with us that, at some point, the drugs, the women, and the fast life had become too much. Feeling uninspired in life while dealing with all the stress possible, he let go, and let God take control. Since then, he has found a new lane for himself in music. 

“I been through some hard times… but God always made a way when there was no way.”

He shared some of this to Instagram as well:

Having self-produced all his own records, you can hear the honesty and identity of Dmad in all his songs. Feeding his followers, or as he calls them “family”, weekly with new music. Check out his latest single “Remember” here: