How Discipline And Determination Changed Hunter Cetta’s Life For Good

Hunter Cetta and His Social Media Marketing Company are inspiring many through his commitment and impeccable discipline.

Hunter Cetta is like any one of us, a small-town boy with a dream of doing something big one day. However, you have to take action to set your plan in motion. He had a dream once that he would go to a college and create paragons in the sports medicine industry, but he soon realized his destiny was to achieve something greater.

From childhood, Hunter witnessed the struggles of his mother supporting 3 kids, paying bills, and managing the expenses of everyone. He was not a fan of the difficult life and he knew he had to do something which will create generational wealth so no one else has to face money problems. 

“ I want to put my family in a situation where we can build generational wealth for the rest of our lives and be able to enjoy the things we never got to as kids. That’s what inspires me to get into business but really to get into the business I am in now I would say it is my pure desire to actually have a life .” ~ Hunter Cetta

Creation Of A Personal Brand

Before the creation of his venture, Hunter had tried different jobs. He realized that he wanted to do something which helped him grow and not work 9-5 and help someone else’s business grow through his skills.

At age 20, he was working with an MLM company (pyramid scheme) where he attained his network and people skills. It didn’t make him happy though, so he left the company and went to start his own company. That is when he found his two mentors and opened a social media marketing company where the aim is to help coaches and influencers to reclaim their time and increase their organic growth.

The Emergence Of An Idea

Hunter analyzed the digital environment and deduced the importance that this facility is going to serve the people. He combined these factors and created something through his people and networking skills. He immediately took action on the opportunity and started posting more content, networking, and selling people on my services at the time. In the starting, his leads converted and many fell through but he recuperated that loss with the help of his mentors.

He shares, “The part of my job I love the most is definitely the customer experience and impact. I love learning and engaging with my clients in the sense that it brings tons of value to their lives.“ 

When the pandemic hit the world, the digital business boomed and so did Hunter’s venture, it brought even more awareness among people who wanted to regain their time while increasing their business by leaps and folds. They realized that the help of social media marketing companies can help them achieve this goal.
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