How Companies Benefit From Employee Outplacement And Offboarding

The thought of laying off employees is an unpleasant experience for most managers and employers. Not only does it spell a significant loss of income for the employee, but it also entails a detachment for established workplace relationships. 

Laid-off employees are at a loss during this difficult phase of their careers and may feel depression and resentment towards their former bosses. 

Moreover, a disgruntled employee leads to the unfair judgement of the company and its retained co-workers. This event leads to a tarnished brand reputation and may spell trouble among the remaining employees. Thus, top companies in New York rely onOutplacement Services NYC to assist outgoing workforce members while maintaining a good business standing.

There are instances that a major layoff will happen despite corporate efforts to inform the staff at an earlier time. Still, the fact remains that an impending employment termination is not easy for employees to fathom yet comprehend. It creates a sense of uncertainty and produces shock to an employee’s psyche.

Employee outplacement and offboarding services serve as a bridge that considers both the company and the laid-off employee. The provision of outplacement services ensures that outgoing employees are knowledgeable regarding the latest job trends and assessment of potential job postings. It also strives to help the displaced employee find another job opportunity in the shortest amount of time. 

Other corporate benefits of employee outplacement and offboarding include:

It Improves Employee Retention And Productivity

It is never easy for companies to lay off employees, especially those loyal, for the greatest number of years. Companies that decide to conduct employee layoffs may stem from several reasons such as reducing operational costs, downsizing, etc. The result is still the same, and an employee will lose his job. 

However, offboarding services can mitigate the negative impact on employee morale and the productivity of retained employees. These services ensure that laid-off employees are well taken care of during their transition. It solidifies the notion that the company values every one of its current and outgoing employees, which can then positively impact retained employee commitment, loyalty, productivity, and retention.

Outplacement Services Reduce The Risk For Legal Action

Unlawful employee termination can be very difficult to defend during court proceedings. It is expensive, time-consuming, and negatively impacts the company’s established brand and reputation. It also compromises the morale of the remaining staff, creating a rift among the employees and the management.

Offering outplacement services for laid-off employees as part of their severance package reduces anxiety stemming from the uncertainty of unemployment. It also helps maintain a healthy relationship in the office, thus reducing the risk for wrongful termination lawsuits. 

Outplacement Protects The Company’s Brand And Reputation

A company’s established brand and reputation are everything nowadays. Providing outplacement services among displaced employees ensures that they receive assistance during these difficult times in their careers. This corporate action radiates a positive view of the company among staff and the community. Also, it promotes greater corporate responsibility toward current and former employees by highlighting the institution’s ability to create solutions beneficial to its former employees. This may come in access to transfer options, job boards, and networking connections.


Terminating an employee from work is indeed a task that may be uncomfortable for the company and its managers. However, facilitating an outplacement service that caters to the needs of these employees promotes a healthy relationship despite the negative circumstance. Also, it emanates the notion that all current and former employees are valuable assets to the company. 

Outplacement and offboarding services benefit the company by providing a positive transition among the laid-off employees to employment opportunities elsewhere. It creates a positive corporate image in line with its values and vision and strives for corporate responsibility, especially during employee layoffs.