How Al Edwards and Al Jones Became Powerhouse Market Movers

“When two powerhouses come together, great results are bound to come forth.” -S.K.

Known affectionately as Al² (Al squared) among the diverse group of Educators and Entrepreneurs that surround them, Al Edwards & Al Jones have come together to change the face of the FOREX education world. While their journey began in October of 2017, it has exploded in the fourth quarter of 2020. With a common goal to educate and mentor people across the world on how to achieve financial and time freedom, by way of building a community of successful entrepreneurs, traders, and trading educators.

To maximize their reach, they brought together several successful teams in this space, to create a conglomerate known as, Global FX Tradehouse. While Al Jones & Al Edwards only met 3 years ago, they have traveled a similar path originating from the East Coast, Edwards from Virginia, and Jones from New Jersey. With both men ultimately ending up in Houston Texas. It is here their interest in learning a new skill would bring them together. First as students. Today as business partners and friends, as well as highly respected educators, mentors, and beloved coaches to every life they have guided towards success. Thus, their combined success in this space has changed lives across the world.

Although these gentlemen come from different walks of life – Al Jones from the corporate world where he is an award winning and Top 50 Ranked Senior Account Sales Executive with a Fortune 100 Company; and Al Edwards having served in the US Navy, has also retired from a Senior Management position in Corporate America due to his success as a Trader, and now educates new and experienced Traders full time – they are a complementary image of one another. They are both family men, remarkable fathers, mentors to many, and entrepreneurs who have a desire to give back. This powerhouse duo are successful investors and multi-figure professional Traders, with Jones once being the educator and Edwards his student. However, with the student ultimately becoming the “Yoda” of the Charts and earning the title – The Forex Champ.

Al Jones has gladly handed over the educators’ hat to his former student, now trusted Master Educator, Al Edwards. With confidence in Edwards innate ability to teach others to read the charts, they have formed the group – Global FX Tradehouse – to take their shared desire to help others utilize trading and entrepreneurship to create generational wealth, globally. This partnership allows both men to focus on their individual passions and strengths.

By combining resources and leveraging each other’s talents and service leadership qualities, it allows each man to do what they enjoy. Jones has more time to get back to serving his community by mentoring children and building multi-family housing units, while also still serving in his Senior Executive position. Edwards is able to focus on his passion for educating people across the world on how to successfully trade their own money in the FOREX market. Along with their many other projects taking place behind the scenes, which will ultimately change the lives of all those connected to these gentle giants, this “powerhouse” duo does all this while still supporting the talented and diverse group of Educators and Entrepreneurs that have been attracted to their organizations.

Furthermore, due to their success as Traders, Al Edwards & Al Jones, are accomplished Businessmen using FOREX to fund their various projects, business ventures, and lifestyles. Because of what FOREX has done for their own lives both Al’s have set the ball in motion to educate the world on how to achieve financial and time freedom for themselves. Earning them the respect of all those who know them.

The respect, support, and admiration these unique gentlemen afford each other is exemplary and modeled throughout their organization. Creating a family-like atmosphere and supportive trading collective within the Global FX Tradehouse community. We are all excited to see the forthcoming accomplishments from this unique team brought to you by Al Jones & Al Edwards. True powerhouses dominating in life and on the charts.

Finally, to cap off 2020 Al E., Al J., and key leaders such as, Maria Lugo-Valadez, Christi Holcomb, Nicole White, LaShonda McMorris, Terry Lofton, and LaDerrick Miller within their organization participated in several givebacks. For Thanksgiving they donated food items and helped fill the baskets for the, 7th annual Palmer House Thanksgiving Basket giveaway, with All Saints Episcopal Church in Stafford, TX. For Christmas, the team donated toys to the same church for their Christmas holiday toy drive. As well, the Global FX Tradehouse leaders donated money to the Glenhope Children’s Home in Kingston, Jamaica with International Jamaican artist Shauna de Controlla, for Ms. Controlla’s holiday giveback. Overall 2020 was a good year for this exclusive group of educators and entrepreneurs. However, 2021 has many big things in store and is going to be an amazing year for Jones & Edwards, and the powerhouse team they’ve assembled!