Houston’s KiDD LUCIDD Drops “Skirtt”

KiDD LUCIDD is a female, independent artist from Houston, Texas. She’s been making music since 2019 and just recently she released her single “Skirtt” It’s currently her number one song on Spotify and rightfully so. 

The song is beautifully put together. Starting with synthwave-esque synths, KiDD LUCIDD opens it up with a masterful verse and continues to kill the beat. Her vocals fit perfectly on this beat. This song is so hard not to head bob to. “Skirrt” is some of the best work we’ve seen from KiDD LUCIDD. Though it’s only two minutes long, this single has been on repeat for awhile. As a new artist and with this being such an early song for her, we can’t wait to see what her music develops into. This song is such a pivotal part of her discography and is certainly a cornerstone to her success recently.  “Skirtt” is a beautiful work of art, down to the production, mix, and vocals, all the way through this song is incredible. Be sure to give this single a listen if you haven’t already, it’s amazing!

With more music on the way, we can’t wait to see what’s next for KiDD LUCIDD. We are very much looking forward to hearing more after what we just got a taste of from “Skirtt”. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out KiDD LUCIDD and give her tracks a listen. With more music on the way, you can keep up with her on his personal instagram page here, as well as listen to her most recent release on her Spotify page here

Joel Woodley

Joel Woodley is a Freelance Entertainment Journalist with a BA in Journalism and an MA in Film and Television. He loves to keep up with all the latest celebrity gossip. Despite being born and raised in the UK, he’s always up to date with stars and celebrities all around the world.

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