Home Security Using Griselinia Littoralis – The 3 Simple Steps For A Safer Home

Crime is increasing in nearly every city worldwide and will likely not reduce anytime soon. So what can you do to ensure you are not the next victim of a robbery or home invasion? The answer is quite simple and much easier to set up than you may think. It’s Griselinia Littoralis hedging. Before a thief robs your home, they will first surveil the area looking for vulnerable homes to target.

If your home is surrounded by a tall Griselinia Littoralis hedge it is near impossible to tell what lies behind it. This is usually enough to deter most thieves as there are more accessible, more open properties they can burgle. A large hedge is usually enough to remove you from their hit list. So how do you set this up, and what is required to establish it quickly?

Start by clearing a one-meter space around your boundary line. Remove any plants, weeds, or obstacles so your new hedge will have suitable space to grow properly. This is a must. Turnover the existing soil or grass ready for good quality garden mix soil to be added to the ground. Add the garden mix to your turned-over soil and mix it in well. This provides much-needed nutrients to the soil and will boost the growth rate of the Griselinia Littoralis hedge plants.

Run a string line along the area to be planted. Using a tape measure and a can of spray paint mark out and spray a dot every 50cm. This will show you where to dig the holes. Dig the holes to a depth of 40cm and place five tree fertiliser tablets in each hole. This will be all the food they will ever need. Water your holes and plant your Griselinia Littoralis hedging plants. Use plants that are over one meter in height. This will decrease the time it takes for your hedge to reach full size. Pack down firmly.

The Best Care Possible
For optimal speed of growth, it is recommended you do the following. After planting, add 10cm of quality compost and the same amount of mulch under the plants. This provides essential micronutrients to your soil mix. Next, tip the plants every six weeks for the first five months. This keeps the growth hormone circulating within the plant, which promotes fast growth. It also makes a much denser hedge once fully grown. A quick search on youtube will show you how to do this properly.

A good watering regimen is also required. Griselinia Littoralis has a high water content leaf that requires regular watering to maintain. Water every 48 hours in the summer months and twice a week in winter as long as the ground is not already soggy.

Within six months, you will have a lush tall hedge that makes it difficult to see your home from the road. More privacy equals increased security. It’s as simple as that.