Holding a Fabulous Party – Finding An Awesome Venue for Your Private Party

Celebrating an occasion with a private party can be fun. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a colleague’s birthday or even a wedding, planning and detail will always be crucial. If you rush the process or you choose the wrong venue, you can find that it can end up being stressful and even unenjoyable. Finding an awesome venue will help you alleviate any stresses and worries you may be feeling, and it will help you get the atmosphere for the party just right.

The Size of the Venue

As you begin your venue search, you will need to think about the size you need. Venues that are too large can feel unwelcoming, and they can lack atmosphere, especially if you are having a small gathering. On the other hand, you do not want a venue to be too small, as this can feel too claustrophobic for guests – even if your numbers are low. The size of the venue will, of course, have an impact on the amenities and facilities on offer to guests. So, think carefully about how much space you need, and think about what guests will need. Smaller venues can rarely accommodate additional guest needs or requirements, so be conscious of this when you are making a decision.


Not all venues that you look at are going to have the availability you want or require. It is, therefore, important to contact a venue as soon as you have your rough dates (or you have a concrete date in mind) so you can get it scheduled in the diary. Also, when it comes to looking at availability, always be suspicious of venues that are too available. If they are vacant or free on lots of dates, then be wary about the quality and service on offer. A waiting list for a venue or even for a specific room may not be what you want, but it signals that it is appealing and that it is in demand, and this is what you want.

A Suitable Location

As you begin to look at private event venues, you will start to see that the location can vary greatly. From those that are located in the center of town to those located off a highway or in a lesser built-up part of town, locations can and will vary. The location has to be factored into your choice because you have to make sure it is accessible to those that are coming to your private party. If the location is hard to reachor difficult to access without your own car, you may find that it will affect the final numbers.

Work to a Budget

Venues will inevitably vary in price, and to ensure you get one that suits your needs and requirements, you are going to need to be cost-conscious. You will need to set (and work to a budget) to ensure that your venue meets your needs and expectations. If you do not have a budget in place, then you could end up looking at venues that are too costly to hire, and this will then have a knock-on impact on the entertainment, drinks, and food you choose to provide for guests.