Heitor Miguel USAHACKS Is Helping People Grow Their Own Businesses By Mentoring On How The U.S Market Works And Providing Seed Support

No matter how good an idea for a project is, all entrepreneurs and business owners will depend on funding to start up their ventures. Many call that initial support “seed money”because it is like planting a seed that has the capacity to grow. 

Heitor Miguel is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of PMZ Capital, a venture capital company created to help funders raise money for early stage companies, such as Seed Money and Series A. 

Heitor is a lawyer who transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship after he came to the United States from Sao Paulo in 2017 to achieve the American Dream doing business and investing in serial businesses. 

“I created the movement USAHACKS to teach foreign entrepreneurs how to do business in the American market. Now I am focused on bringing about innovation and problem-solving strategies with my venture capital firm.” Heitor shares.

Serial entrepreneurship was always meant for Heitor. Besides being a partner in PMZ Capital, a venture capital boutique in Miami, he is also CEO of a merger and acquisition consulting firm and is on the board of his law firm in Brazil. At the same time, Heitor runs his personal brand.

“Entrepreneurship has been on my side for my entire life. I had a job at the age of 15 where for one year I worked as an administrative assistant in an accounting office delivering documents to other companies and going to banks to make payments. After a year, I stopped because I had no challenges and I knew I would never be a fit for a regular job. It was my first and last job. From then on I started working with my father who is a lawyer in Brazil until today, and as a side business I have done other business such as computer repairs, sporting events, cosmetics franchise, consulting, and others.” Heitor says.

Heitor obtained a Master in Business Management in order to grow and scale his family business. In 2008, he opened a consulting company to assist in buying and selling companies, and has focused on entrepreneurship ever since. 

“In 2016 I moved to Miami and started our group’s third office in the Brickell region. My motivation has always been to help other entrepreneurs achieve success. PMZ Capital appeared to solve one of the main problems of entrepreneurs: raising investment capital.” Heitor explains.

Heitor’s biggest obstacle was moving from Brazil to the United States. He soon realized that starting an entrepreneurship from scratch in another country as a foreign entrepreneur is not easy. 

“That is why we see foreign companies entering America and going bankrupt, and it is why I created a movement called USAHACKS, focused on reducing the learning curve for foreign entrepreneurs in the USA. In addition, I also developed a digital training method with the same purpose. It is the first training focused on this specific niche in the world!” Heitor adds.

Heitor believes that mindset is one of the most important things for any entrepreneur. It will come in handy in particular when facing big challenges and obstacles. He thinks it is important to have the right mentors on the side, as well as tools and skills to avoid getting lost in the way.

“My best advice for anyone who is trying to start their business is action! Massive action! Start today. Start now. This will get you out of inertia and start developing skills and techniques to solve the problems that arise. To undertake is always to persist and solve problems. Without action, you lose time, and time is money, especially in the USA. Read the book ‘The 10X Rules’ by Grant Cardone, and understand the meaning of massive action. The more you act, the faster you have a chance to achieve your results!” Heitor states.

In 2020, Heitor’s businesses had to pivot plans due to COVID-19. They just launched a project for foreign entrepreneurs who want to engage in e-commerce through Amazon in the United States, geared mainly towards Brazilian companies that want to export goods.

“We have a lot of interested people from Brazil and we selected seven stores to start. But in the year 2021 we will measure the results and we hope to create good business for our venture capital fund to carry out the seed investment rounds of these e-commerce companies. I want to help many foreign entrepreneurs, not only Brazilians, to achieve freedom, and success through borrowing and earning in dollars in the United States.” Heitor shares.

By assisting foreign entrepreneurs in getting used to the United States’ market and obtaining seed support, Heitor is helping people achieve financial freedom. For Heitor, this is one of the goals to achieve success

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