Health and Safety Compliance in the World of Manufacturing

Legal compliance is of optimum importance for companies in the manufacturing industry, both in the context of their duty of care to staff members, and to ensure that the finished product is entirely safe and passes any and all random or planned government inspection.

With that being said, here is a detailed look into health and safety compliance in the world of manufacturing.

Ensure All Equipment is Properly Functioning

Hundreds of warehouse workers and other employees in the manufacturing industry are injured every single month across companies up and down the country – with some incidents even leading to fatalities.

This is why one of the most important elements of proper health and safety in your industry is to ensure not only that each and every item of machinery is in proper working order, but also that you conduct regular and thorough inspections and that you use Rightline attachments for forklifts for the best and safest results.

Put in Additional Safety Procedures for Your Drivers

For some people, a job that’s almost constantly on the road, driving large trucks from one place to another, sounds like too much hard work – especially considering all the focus and concentration needed to drive safely, especially with a heavy load.

Your drivers are absolutely essential to both the success and longevity of your business, so you must do everything you can (from a legal and a moral standpoint) to ensure that they are always safe behind the wheel.

Make sure you provide your drivers with detailed and updated information on everything from the weather conditions to any potential hold-ups and traffic jams before they start their shift. Additionally, you should absolutely make it mandatory for every single driver of a forklift (or indeed, any vehicle which is company-registered) to wear a seatbelt – both on- and offsite.

Conduct Weekly Checks of Machinery Guarding

Not only would it be incredibly traumatic should one of your workers (regardless of the section of the company in which their role is based) become injured, or worse, be killed as a result of faulty machinery, but this will most likely also spell the end of your business.

Instead of having your heads of department be responsible for conducting regular walkarounds to assess the functionality and safety of your machinery, hire specialist employees whose sole responsibility is to ensure safety throughout the business.

Tighten Up Regulations for Visiting Drivers

Finally, not only do you need to be consistently vigilant when it comes to looking after the health and safety considerations of your own employees, but you also need to turn your attention to the regulations for visiting, unloading and loading guest drivers.

Every manufacturing and distribution company has its own policies and procedures and if a new visiting driver is entirely unaware of such regulations, this could spell disaster. This is why you should make sure that each and every company you use has been sent a comprehensive copy of your new and improved loading and unloading guidelines.