HBCU Alumni Gives Back To The Community By Guest Lecturing

Kellen “Kash or Cache” Coleman, the successful entrepreneur, and alumnus of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) supports the community by giving them back through guest lecturing. Now a successful entrepreneur with expertise in the field of Public Relations, entrepreneurship, consulting, and businesses, he aims to empower and give back to the community as much as he can.

As an entrepreneur with businesses in Florida & Freetown Sierra Leone, Kellen has a lot of experience to share. He is an alumnus of Grambling State University and a guest lecturer whenever asked. He strongly stands by the affirmation of reaching back to his mentors and educating college students with all the skills and resources that he has.

Historically black colleges and universities also known as the HBCUs play an undeniably large role to ensure minority education and empowerment across the country. In the United States, HBCU associations are an incredibly significant part of the overall higher education system of the country. This is because these colleges and universities make up just 3 percent of the colleges and universities in the country.

However, they produce nearly 2- percent of all African American graduates. Not only that, HBCUs directly participate in educating about 25 percent of African American STEM graduates. So, being a part of such an impactful association, Kellen Coleman paves his way for the uplifting of his beloved community by teaching them and participating in guest speaking engagements.

Equipped with the strong aim and willpower to work for the betterment of his community, Mr. Kellen highlights the significance of speaking engagement at Clark Atlanta University and Grambling State University. Guest speaking engagements are vital to be practiced and encouraged at universities. There are several reasons why speaking engagements are highly valuable for the students of the community.

Mr. Kellen highlights how this process is two-way communication. The primary aim is to provide the students with an alternative perspective on important topics. This allows a thorough understanding of a topic or event that often results in benefitting from the independent thinking of the students. Moreover, the speaking engagements at Clark Atlanta University and Grambling State University allow both Mr. Kellen and the addressed student community to attain out-of-the-box thinking.

This allows our thought patterns to sway in a positive and open-minded direction. An important discussion on pressing matters of the world and concurrent important events are also discussed through this platform.

Being a successful entrepreneur with businesses in Florida & Freetown Sierra Leone, Mr. Kellen has a lot to give back to his community. He is inspired to teach students and equip them with the skills and knowledge that he has gathered from his experiences. He looks forward to ensuring that the students are ready to enter the real work of Public Relations, Consulting, and the overall business world. He is highly motivated to teach the students and strongly looks forward to the opportunity for a position of remotely teaching the students.

His teachings will widen the understanding and knowledge of the students according to the real-world scenario of the corporate world. He focuses on widening the space for deliberation and interaction among the students. With his speaking engagements, he aims to plant the seeds of prosperity that the students would successfully sow.

Guest lecturing has allowed the students to learn from a non-traditional way of learning about real scenarios through inspiration and interaction. It allows them to get equipped with critical thinking abilities that prepare them to enter the corporate fields.

Kellen wishes to establish a strong ground for learning and empowering the students through his work. It is his firm belief and motivation to work for the betterment of his community that makes him give back to the community by guest lecturing.