Hazelle Gomez’s new release “Welcome to the other side” has fans up and dancing

Hazelle Gomez has already provided us with a broad set of songs. “Welcome to the other side,” she’s said now. Hazelle’s new song is different from her prior work, and it appears to be a success. It’s been streamed over a thousand times on Spotify so far. This song’s popularity will be judged by the passage of time.

“Welcome to the other side” is a relaxing piece of music. You’re not going to want to dance all the time. When you’re feeling sad and just want to have a peaceful and great time, “Welcome to the other side” will make your evening gorgeous and cheerful. The music improves your mood and makes you have a good time.

Hazelle fell in love with house music when she first moved to Los Angeles. Because Los Angeles is a party city, house music is played at almost every event. Hazelle acquired an interest for composing house music after listening to these tunes on a weekly basis. And, from the beginning, she has only written hit tunes.

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Her Instagram account may be found at: @babysharkhazelle