Hassan Elamragy is a strong talent in the world of Kickboxing

There is no doubt that sport is an important and motivating thing for everyone, especially young talents. Hassan Ragab Elamragy is a strong talent and a bright future in the world of sports and kickboxing. In addition, he is multi-talented and in fields such as fashion shows and creating digital educational and entertainment content.

Hassan Elamragy was born on March 27, 2003, in Egypt. He started playing kickboxing at a young age, as he was interested in school and sports and achieved championships and advanced positions.

He is only 18 years old. He aspires to become the world champion and the first influencer on social media.

I want to teach young people that success is not difficult or easy, but you have to work until you achieve your goals – Says Hassan.

How sports affect you positively with friends and family, and you have to discover your talent and take care of your health, and it is not enough to advise those around you that sports is an important thing in this life and gives you happiness and strength.

Especially in the Middle East, there are many models in the creation of sports, cultural, scientific and entertainment content, and we aspire that all countries take care of ambitious and talented youth such as Hassan Elamragy and others so that the spirit of competition is high and the love of young people for their homeland is great.

And taking care of them as we know that there are a lot of young people addicted to drugs and some things that are harmful to health and the environment, and we hope that young people will take care of themselves because they are the mass of prosperous society.

From the words of Hassan Elamragy
You only live once, try to achieve your goals and ambitions, be happy for yourself and others, be a useful person. You will find yourself strong, and we know that life is not easy, but we strive to achieve what we desire and never give up. In this way, we will move forward and benefit our country.

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