Hannah Palmer surprises fans with the release of her new track, “Clouds”

Hannah Palmer has built a name for herself with the release of her brand-new single “Clouds.” Almost immediately, the song became a major success. On the Internet, fans of the genre are raving over this latest mega success. With the release of her debut track, “Clouds,” Hannah has risen to popularity in the music world.

Despite her model status, Hannah has proven to her followers that she understands her way around music. This year, she released a four-track EP. Her EP’s tracks are all becoming increasingly popular. Her upbringing enables her to produce music that is unique to her listeners.

Hannah  worked extensively with Rumor Records to assure the quality of “Clouds.” She and Rumor Records collaborated on this really catchy music. When you consider how much better the party is as a consequence of the music, their efforts are clear.

Listen to Hannah’s “Clouds” and other music here: 

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