Guide To De-stress And Sleep Better 

When you are unable to sleep at night, the causes often worry and anxiety. Thinking and getting too anxious about things in your life can cause sadness and agitation. Why you can’t sleep at night remains a puzzle for many, with the relentless thoughts and worries of the day often persisting into the dark hours, preventing the sought restful reprieve.

Here are some ways to de-stress and ensure that you get enough sleep at night:

1. Relaxing Before Bed

Doing some yoga poses can help you sleep better. According to studies, people that practice gentle yoga poses before bed are reported sleeping better. Yoga relieves tension and makes the body relaxed so that you can drift off easily and get a good quality of sleep.

2. Write A Gratitude List Daily

Start writing a gratitude test every day. Studies have shown a correlation between feeling grateful and well-being. Writing what you are grateful for every day can have positive effects such as lower blood pressure, reduced risk of getting depression and anxiety, and better sleep. Start a gratitude list and write down some of the things you are thankful for. Do not overthink it, even the smallest things you are grateful for can be on your list. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to keep a gratitude journal.

3. Take A Bath Before Bed

Your body needs to be relaxed so you can fall asleep easily and sleep for longer. Taking a warm bath or a sower is one of the best ways to relax. Your heart rate and blood pressure are also likely to be lower if you take a relaxing bath or shower, ensuring that you fall asleep faster. The heat from the bath or shower is best for relaxing tense muscles and helping you de-stress.

4. Read To Relax

You can read a book before bed to relax. Reading is a proven way to relax the mind because when you are absorbed in a book, you will not have time to worry or get too anxious about other things. Studies have shown that reading a book for just six minutes causes stress reduction by 68%. It is best to read an actual book rather than using an iPad or phone to read it online.

If you do not have a book, try listening to a narration app. The voice will lure you to sleep as the sounds drone off in the distance. 

5. Get Some Headspace

Practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation is a good way to fall asleep fast because it means your mind will be clear of any anxious thoughts. You can meditate before bed or any time during the day. It is a credible way to de-stress, organize your thoughts, and relax your body. These are all great for good-quality sleep.

When you get into bed make sure that you have a comfortable supportive mattress find the best Bear mattress to buy, read these reviews. Visit the website of the branded mattresses and find out their specifics before deciding on which one to buy. It is best to avoid things that can cause disturbed sleep such as using your phone in bed or taking caffeinated drinks too soon to bed. Heavy exercises an hour or two before bed are also not a good idea.