Great Business Reasons to Start an Artisan Bread Company

Powerful trends often emerge during turbulent and difficult times. The recent pandemic was a perfect example, as vast changes swept the nation and indeed the globe. As more and more people were forced to stay at home and uncertainty became the norm, people sought out experiences and products that brought them comfort and sustenance. Taking care of home and hearth was elevated to a new level of importance, as nesting, growing your own vegetables and cooking or sourcing wonderful food became a key focus.

The pandemic also clearly illustrated that we have to look out for and protect our financial well-being. Millions of people were adversely affected by layoffs and job losses due to entire segments of the economy suddenly grinding to a halt. In order to survive, it’s necessary to hedge your bets and always have an extra source of revenue. Often, a secondary business that you love can become your primary income source over time as sales begin to take off.

The Banana Bread Model

As an entrepreneur, it’s interesting to look for fascinating businesses that bring in surprising results. One such intriguing business case study is the Banana Bread Model. In Hawaii, on the island of Maui, two wonderful women get up each day and prepare loaves of banana bread made with ripe, luscious local fruit. They do their baking early, and then bring the finished small loaves to a roadside stand along the Paia to Hana route.

There, at the gateway to a hiking trail to a local waterfall, they sell their banana bread. It’s delicious, and people in the know even bring a stick of butter so they can dress up this delightful treat. The business model yields great revenues, too. Let’s run the numbers. If they make and sell just 90 loaves of banana bread each day of the year at $6 each, they’ll bring in $197,000 in revenue. Pretty spectacular results and a delightful way to make a living too.

Making Artisan Bread

During the pandemic, consumers were desperately searching for products that brought them comfort and a sense of nurturing. One of the things that boomed in popularity was sourdough and other artisan bread. These warm and delicious loaves, prepared fresh every day, sold out quickly and brought comfort to folks who got to enjoy these artisan delights.

There are a variety of commercial ovens you can choose from if you are interested in setting up a bakery and producing great loaves of bread every day. Artisan-style bakers can choose from professional deck ovens or other models that best suit their needs.

Starting Out as a Cottage Industry

If you are just starting out with your bakery business,you might find that you live in a state that supports cottage industries. Many states have law and regulations that let aspiring bakers prepare their products in their home. Typically, you’ll be able to sell locally at farmer’s markets, to restaurants and wil find other direct to consumer sales channels too.

With the proper electrical set up, you could even set up your professional baking oven in your home. Cottage food businesses have to follow all local health department guidelines, but you’ll find that it’s great to be able to run your business successfully from home.