“Going” fills you with energy to party like Never before. Check Out Amir LZN’s latest work out now!

“Going” has gone well beyond our expectations. Amir LZN’s new tune has catapulted his career into the spotlight, establishing him as one of the genre’s most well-known musicians.

The three tracks on Amir’s most recent EP are “Skylines,” “Late Nights,” and “Going.” Each of the three songs focuses on a different aspect of a person’s emotional condition. It’s no wonder that you’ll want to listen to each song again and again, given the interesting tunes.

Jeff’s songs mix a wide range of sounds that do not appear to be capable of generating anything substantial on their own. However, after you hear it, you’ll realize that the sounds couldn’t possibly have come together any other way. The musical ability and talent of Jeff Stein are on exhibit here.

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