Gloss Identifies “Genuine Connection” as the key to Attention Retention

Leading arts and media company, Gloss Network, highlights the ability to establish a genuine connection as the basis of every interaction

Gloss Network remains a major brand in the media industry. Ranked as one of the biggest companies in the industry thanks to its dominance of the digital media sphere, Gloss has continued to grow in leaps and bounds by leveraging the expertise and professionalism of its well-experienced and highly trained team. The company recently revealed one of the secrets of overcoming the seemingly short attention span of the audience that several content creators have struggled with over the years.

The primary goal of the media is to make accurate and timely information available to as many people as possible. Thanks to the internet and of course, social media, it has become relatively easier to create content and reach millions of people across the globe. While social media offers a platform and an unprecedented opportunity to produce cutting edge content with consistently engaged audiences, the challenge of attention retention persists. Studies have revealed that the attention span of people have drastically reduced in recent times. Consequently, it has become even more challenging for content creators to hold on to their audience as they are required to be as creative as possible to pass the desired message in the shortest possible duration.

Gloss Network has substantiated this claim and who other brand to follower than the media house with more than 2.5 billion viewership monthly. “But to hold our attention, you need to generate the right connection. In this interconnected age of ours, we’re even more connected than most.”

The media company identified the short attention span of the audience as a major obstacle faced by content creators. As expected, the company offered tips to overcome the obstacle. 

As one of the largest arts, food, travel, and visual media social channels in the world – we’ve got the ability to help you create ripples from the beaches of Southern Cali to the volcanic lakes of Iceland and everywhere in between.” – Gloss.

We ensure that genuine connection is the basis of every interaction. Our end to end offering spans research, insights, brand identity, digital strategy and implementation, so we outstrip traditional media and marketing agencies on the regular. With longer arms, we deliver greater reach, which leads to higher levels of engagement. But most importantly, we design ads that feel nothing like ads. And unlike most, we’re not jumping on the social media bandwagon. While we may have an army of #followers, we’re always #leaders.”