Giving precedence to personalized clientele relationships over profit has made Ernesto Gaita, a top marketing entrepreneur

Ernesto Gaita’s Neighbourhood Creative, with its unconventional marketing strategies, has become the leading creative firm. 

Post the social media revolution; it has become evident for brands, celebrities, to capture the online market with different marketing and PR strategies. The highly competitive online marketing industry has grown manifolds in the past five years, and so has the rise of a digital marketing entrepreneur who has attained success in the industry, by creating personal relationships with clients, he is Ernesto Gaita. 

Gaita was born in 1993 and hails from Canada. He had a humble childhood and learned to value people and relationships. He is the founder and owner of a creative agency called Neighbourhood Creative. Gaita didn’t have any formal education in the field of marketing, but with observation skills and desire to personally elevate his clients has yielded him great success. But the road to the top was not that easy, at the beginning of his marketing career, no one took him seriously, as he advocated unconventional marketing strategies. Gaita’s determination to stick with his strategies yielded his initial clients, great returns. Gaita blended his psychology of doing business by connecting people into the marketing strategies and garnered bravura of success. 

He established his creative agency intending to be focused on connecting people, even if it is not beneficial to them. Gaita says that the reason behind his success is him valuing people, kindness, and genuineness. Gaita has hired a robust team, the one which provides creative and innovative solutions for designing a marketing strategy. Neighbourhood Creative operates as a social media management firm, is active in content creation, website development, events, influencer marketing, branding, and design, and has earned the reputation of being a terrific PR company. 

Gaita has always put his client’s needs above his profit. He says that money will come if the focus is on helping your clients achieve their goals. Gaita also customized his work, to suite his respective clients. Gaita believes that standard education teaches you to work within a system, but to become an entrepreneur, one needs to think and act out of the box, to make a stamp in the industry.