Gianluca Gallo And The Latin Pop Song Bailando Mambo

Greetings Novanauts! Summer is approaching and we have the perfect song to get your body moving. Please welcome Gianluca Gallo as we explore his new single – BAILANDO MAMBO.

A Seasoned Musician With Many Accolades:

Gianluca Gallo is an Italian-born singer/songwriter, master guitarist, and composer who is no stranger to writing hits Originally releasing Italian Rock, he achieved musical hits in his home country with songs such as Quanto Tempo and has been played on countless radio shows and television. With his skills continuing to grow and develop over time, Gianluca now chases international success.

His releases range in style from classic pop-rock to more experimental electro-pop singles. Never afraid to experiment and try new things, he is once again bringing something different with this new single.

Gianluca Brings The Energy:

Bailando Mambo is at its heart a Latino pop song. For a Latin-inspired song like this to be successful, it needs to have 3 ingredients: high-energy vocals, danceable rhythm, and a contagious hook. I am pleased to say that Gianluca delivers on all of these in this new single.

The arrangement is so full of life with multiple live instruments in play. Gianluca is a professionally-trained guitar maestro, so naturally, his skills are shining on the acoustic guitar elements. The chords that he uses have a bouncing rhythm to them that interplays with the drums and percussion so well. From the opening verse, you are completely drawn in the musical energy that begins to build.

He also deploys a saxophone which absolutely takes this song to another level. Its melody is super catchy and perfect for the pop Latino genre. Gianluca Gallo most definitely understands this style of music and how to get it right.

Diving into the drums and percussion he uses a variety of organic and synthetic sound choices. We have fantastic live-sounding drum fills that progress into kickdrums and dance claps. The result is an entertaining and diverse mix that is full of surprises and continues to move and evolve.

Vocal Chemistry Steals The Show:

Gianluca Gallo is an experienced vocalist who has been singing and touring for many years across his musical journey. As such his performance in Bailando Mambo brings a lot of presence and energy. I found his singing to be full of confidence and the way he projects his voice

I also believe the vocal chemistry between Gianluca and the female vocalist was a vital ingredient. When they sing and harmonize together their voices mix beautifully. This just adds another layer of variation and complexity to a track that was already full of awesome moments.

This is, without a doubt, the perfect song to put you into that dancing summer mood. Please show your support for Gianluca Gallo and his new single using the links below:

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