Get Unlimited Bandwidth Encryption with iTop VPN

Use a VPN if you’re concerned about protecting your online privacy. In 2021, if you do not use a VPN, you open yourself up to tracking by ad networks, your ISP, or even malicious organizations that track you when you log on. A VPN or virtual private network can protect you by obscuring your private information. 

Additionally, even though there are numerous VPN services for Windows on the market, they are no longer all created equal. Today, we’re going to talk about a VPN service that offers quick, easy, and military-grade encryption. We shall examine all of its great features in this article. Its name is iTop VPN.

iTop VPN Key Features

An accurate VPN allows you to browse any website worldwide quickly and with the proper encryption. And iTop VPN examines these kinds of containers. The following are the key features that you receive when you install iTop VPN for Windows on your computer.

1. Unrestricted bandwidth and quick speeds

My favorite aspect of iTop VPN is that it offers unrestricted bandwidth and a quick internet speed. That method does not have a fair usage policy (FUP) that reduces your internet speed when you go over a fixed record restriction. You don’t need to worry about your operating statistics when using the iTop VPN. You will always receive the fastest, highest-quality connections.

2. Top-of-the-line military encryption

Another highlight of iTop VPN for Windows is the military-grade encryption it offers, which is delightful in its splendor and guarantees your privacy everywhere. Whether you want to protect your browser history from your ISP or access your bank account from a public WiFi network without worrying about being hacked, Your information and privacy are always secure and secured due to iTop VPN. The VPN also hides your location and prevents the authorities and hackers from discovering your online activity, including streaming, browsing, online payments, and more.

 3. No Log Policy

If you use a VPN that keeps logs of your activity, you are turning over to the VPN company the vital components of your ISP’s data vault. That implies that there is still a threat to your privacy. iTop VPN features a no-logs policy as a result. Your statistics are not in any way tracked, stored, or sold by the company. This implies that your net records are concealed and your statistics are continuously covered.

4. International mention of Worldwide Servers

Customers of iTop VPN may access all of its servers, enabling them to pretend to be in any location in the world. The majority of nations are protected by their global network of servers. This not only makes faster speeds possible but also makes it possible to unlock geo-restricted content. Therefore, you can use iTop VPN to choose a US server to gain access to a Netflix US program that is no longer accessible from your location. And you can enjoy a VPN India or other locations anytime you like.

5. Remove Geographic Restricted Content

As I just said above, you can use iTop VPN to unblock geographically restricted content. You gain two benefits from the function. The first is by giving people access to stuff that isn’t always present in their area. You can gain access to online video games and streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Roblox, and Call of Duty Mobile, among others.

The second advantage is that you can use services that the government might want to block. You can use iTop VPN to select the outstanding United States of America as your location and gain access to these services if a game (like PUBG Mobile) or website (like Facebook or WhatsApp) is blocked to your U. S. Or area.

6. Three Variable Connection Methods

I appreciate that iTop VPN offers three different connection options so you may choose the one that best suits your needs. The first option is “Safeguard mode,” which offers you the safest browsing experience. The “Balance mode,” which offers a superior balance of flexibility and speed, is the next option. The “Game mode,” which offers you lightning-fast speeds for gaming and streaming content, is the last option.

7. Kill Switch 

The inclusion of a “Kill Switch” is one of iTop VPN’s USPs. You may wonder what a kill switch is. A kill switch is an integrated monitoring tool that stops all Internet traffic the moment it notices the VPN provider is no longer active. Your VPN may occasionally disconnect for a minute as a result of a failed connection or a few unforeseeable circumstances.

8. User Experience and Usability

iTop VPN offers a user-friendly and useful customized interface. The setup process only takes a few seconds, and you may start walking straight away. Another simple process is connecting to a VPN. You select your server and connect by pressing the sizable connect button.

Go to the settings page and change your options if you wish to activate the Kill Switch feature or change your connection mode. Overall, I would say that the software is easy to use and that you can quickly learn what you need to know after installing it.

9. Cost and accessibility

In addition to Windows, iTop offers VPN for Mac, Android, and iOS. This implies that regardless of the tool you use, you always use an encrypted internet connection. The VPN provides a restricted free account. The free edition gives you access to all features but only allows you to save 700MB of data. You need to upgrade to a paid membership if you want access to infinite information. You will be charged $11.9/per month if you pay every month. I recommend paying for a year because it reduces the cost to $5.99/month. For everyone who wants a quick and secure VPN, it is an excellent offer.