Get the story behind how “Darkness”, the anticipated Dachegrs song came out with KobeKo

The Rising Rap Artist Diego Achegrs, who goes by the name Dachegrs, shares and tells us how this song came about and how he get in touch with Kobeko for the anticipated single “Darkness”. 

The artist tells us that he had already recorded this song in 2020, but that he was not convinced whether to release it individually, since he felt that the song was too good and he needed to share it with someone. It is so that 2 years later he met KobeKo through instagram and soundcloud, after hearing a collaboration of KobeKo that he did with the famous rapper Dro Kenji, that is how Dachegrs got in touch with him. Somehow they had a connection when making this song, since the composition came out from one day to the next and the two artists got along quite well.

The single “Darkness” was released on September 1, on soundcloud, the song was very successful through SoundCloud, so it was distributed through all digital platforms. 

You can connect with Dachegrs on Instagram @dachegrs, YouTube @dachegrs and Spotify @Dachegrs.