Get High Quality Coffee Delivered with a Coffee Subscription

If you have ever headed into the kitchen to make a much-needed morning cup of coffee only to realize – gasp – there’s less than a teaspoon left. You throw open a cabinet savagely looking for the backup package, rummage around, nothing. Not fun! Maybe this is the scenario that prompted you to start a coffee subscription.

You can also get a coffee subscription at Tank Coffee and Greenwell Farms. Especially the last one is one of our favorite coffee subscriptions. We are fortunate to have what we need at our fingertips. Consumers expect convenience, can demand goods with the click of a button, and voilà. To simplify the process further, subscriptions have become mainstream. So, clicking only needs to happen once… the goods continue showing up unless you opt out.

Who Wants to Save Money?

If you tally up your coffee habits, depending on how far down the caffeinated hole you’ve gone, it can be a surprising figure. Daily barista visits plus tip add up. If you brew from home and invested in a double barrel, temperature-controlled espresso maker, well, you know it cost a pretty penny. Add to the initial investment all the beans you need to keep your vacuum sealed coffee container filled and ready to grind. Add the grinder, learn more about where to buy a coffee grinder. Throw in the plant-based milk you froth. Etcetera. So, here you are deep into the investment of your coffee drinking life.

Obviously, nobody wants to throw money down the drain. And potential cost savings are a true incentive to consumers. Nearly every online checkout offers the “subscribe and save” option. And when it comes to coffee, subscriptions are no exception. Have you ever wanted to try, but at the last minute decided not to commit? This seems common. But if you can disassociate the notion of “subscribe” with “entrapment,” you’d be doing yourself a favor. That is, of course, if you drink enough coffee to make it worth it.

So, start to figure out how much you really drink. If your habit takes you out of the house, is it because the coffee shop is where you socialize? If so, can you make a from-home coffee habit a new habit? The basis of subscribing to a product is ensuring that you will use enough of it to make it worthwhile.

Customer Service, please?

Nobody wants to make a call to an 800 number. Or sit in front of a screen to have an online chat with customer service because something went wrong with your order. Maybe it never showed up even though the carrier said it did. Porch pirates? Maybe the subscription service sent too much product. Too little. It broke on the way. Anything can happen.

But if you do have to contact the company it should be a positive experience; your interaction should be with an intelligent, friendly person who helps you. Simple. Look for online reviews, seek insight from those who dared to order a coffee subscription already. Ask questions if you have them. A company with solid customer service will be quick to mollify your doubts.

User-Friendly Site?

Another quick way to decide if you want to link up with a company through their coffee subscription service is to scour their website. Do you like their vibe? Does their messaging resonate with you? More importantly, is it clear what you are signing up for? What will be delivered and when? What if you change your mind about the delivery timeframe and need more coffee sooner? Or are drowning in coffee that isn’t possibly going to stay fresh by the time your next package is set to arrive. Is it going to be easy to amend your order? All of this matters a ton. Because if you must (read previous paragraph) call customer service, it better be quick and easy.

First Impressions Matter

How is your product packaged? A coffee subscription should cater to epicurean fancies. It’s no longer enough that your coffee is delivered according to the schedule you set up, but it should look amazing. You are paying for a service and the fact that the company you have bothered to subscribe to cares about the end-user experience is altogether important. Sure, they need to deliver on quality, robust taste; subtle, yet potent aroma, megawatts of caffeine. But, add to the mix your delight if the product is delivered in eco friendly materials. Glass, not plastic, for example. If you aren’t satisfied with any portion of the subscription experience, keep shopping until you find the right fit.

Don’t forget, you are the driver. The company provides a service you want, but they need you just as much or more. Supply and demand, after all.

Surely you love it when a package is delivered to your door. Figure out if it’s the convenience you love, or the whole package. The product you are about to consume should delight your senses in every way. Don’t overlook any inadequacies in packaging or customer service, either. Most importantly, enjoy your coffee!