Get elevated to another level with Tankovitz’s new single “Elevated”

Tankovitz takes her fans to another level with her single “Elevated”. The song has been doing marvels for her career. Despite being a new music artist, “Elevated” has allowed her to make a name for herself and get a fanbase that admires her greatly. They appreciate her style of music and eagerly wait for her latest works. 

Tankovitz has been actively gifting her fans wonderful pieces of music since the start of her career. “Elevated” is no different in that regard. The song has been a gift to her fans and also a message. It’s an invitation to peer into the mind of the artist. To see how she sees life. 

Rumor Records have respected her wishes and produced the track according to her requirements. They have preserved the original personality of the track while making sure it is fit for the masses. The culmination of that is a wonderful masterpiece the likes of which could only be created by Tankovitz herself. 

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