Garth Garcia: Rising Filipino Singer Bringing a Unique Flavor to Music

By Grace Lammers

In a recent interview, Filipino-American artist Garth Garcia, opened up about his life outside of music, his unique musical style, and his upcoming releases. We took a deeper look into Garth Garcia’s life and discovered what makes him stand out in the music industry.

Garth Garcia leads a diverse and exciting life beyond the studio. When he’s not creating music, he loves to explore the great outdoors and travel to new destinations. Garcia’s adventurous spirit is clear by his love for hiking and going to national parks. He’s also very social and enjoys spending time with friends, often trying out new and unique restaurants and places.

Garcia prides himself on incorporating Filipino style into his music, ensuring that his roots are never forgotten. His music is constantly changing, and he does not want to be confined to a single genre or style. One of his key strengths is his enthusiasm for collaborating with artists and writers from all over the world. He is always hands-on with any music he puts out, and he even opened his own music label to maintain creative control and authenticity in his work.

Garcia’s Filipino background plays a significant role in his music. While many of his recent songs are written by Americans or Filipino-Americans, he makes sure that each song has a distinct Filipino flavor. This combination of cultures and styles creates a unique sound that resonates with listeners everywhere. Garcia’s music is a connection between different musical traditions, taking inspiration from his roots while embracing global influences.

What sets Garcia apart is his dedication to his audience. He strongly believes in making his fans an essential part of his performances, often engaging with them at his shows.

“I always make sure I connect to my audience and make them part of the show. I love talking to them before or after performances. I also make sure I dress well on stage,” said Garcia.

His stage presence and sense of style further contribute to the unique experience he creates for his fans. Garcia’s connection with his audience goes past his music, making every performance personal and memorable.

One of the most exciting aspects of Garcia’s career is his upcoming release, Always in My Head, which has Filipino influences. This song tells the story of a man who can’t stop thinking about a woman he’s met, and he can’t get her out of his head. This exciting new release is written by EDM artist Stephan Baulig. Always in My Head will also serve as the lead single for Garcia’s upcoming album, which is set to drop early next year.

Garcia states he has two favorite songs: Always in My Head and Lifelines. While he loves all his songs, these two hold a special place in his heart. He is looking forward to releasing them soon.

Garcia decided to become a singer after he won Best in Talent at a singing competition at his school. From then on he never stopped singing as a hobby or professionally. His journey from a school talent show winner to an award-winning artist and songwriter in the Philippines reflects his dedication and passion for music.

Garcia’s message to his fans is that he is grateful. Many of his supporters have been with him from the very beginning of his career. Their loyalty and support have played a crucial role in his journey, and he wants to express his heartfelt thanks for the love he’s received over the years.

Garcia’s career can be identified by his dedication to his music, his connection with fans, and his commitment to incorporating Filipino flavor into his music. As he continues to evolve and reach new goals, his unique approach to music is going to leave an everlasting mark on the industry, making him a rising star to watch.