GameFi is Asia’s first Blockchain Platform for GameFi, Play-to-Earn, NFT and Metaverse 

GameFi – the first Blockchain platform specializing in GameFi, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Metaverse technology – will officially launch in the fourth quarter of 2021. They aim to help wider public understanding and awareness of blockchain technology by education and sharing insights and resources through games, courses, skills and tools.

In the world of social disparities, where education and work life has been severely disrupted by pandemic, people could be pessimistic about their futures. We all are at the front of the line, exploring new approaches, new encounters and new challenges. Technology like Blockchain will not only help us to generate new jobs and opportunities, also stand out from the rest. Futuristic knowledge involves a continuous progress to higher levels of critical and creative thinking in a collaborative environment of learning freedom. Some see technology change as challenge, we, GameFi see technology change as an opportunity.

In a report published by the Worldwide Asset exchange, it was stated that over 75% of online gamers wanted to exchange their virtual assets for a currency that would be used across multiple platforms. Crypto gaming has grown in popularity largely due to its ability to allow players to collect and trade virtual assets that can be exchanged and traded anywhere in the world. It has also proven to be a secure and simple way for the gaming industry to earn money.

GameFi, is a type of blockchain gaming that combines the application of gaming NFTs and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Imagine a game where players get to earn or buy NFTs and these assets can be collateralized to borrow asset(s) in-game to yield more assets, then you have an idea of what GameFi is all about.

“In our GameFi education hub, we prepare people with future skills to build resilience and adaptability through the pandemic. Adaptable to environment is something we’ve all had to put together. At GameFi, we have the knowledge, skills, tools, resources and experience to make it happen.” said Sean Leong, Chief Executive Office and Founder of GameFi Sdn Bhd.

We will create a generation of blockchainers and cryptokiddies by educate how blockchain & cryptocurrency works. Teaching blockchain starting from GameFi could be the best way to drive out misinformation in the long term, and cultivate the first generation of blockchain-native nation.

Anyone can get started with GameFi’s futuristic education hub. For example, for RM499 you can kickstart your learning journey to GameFi, NFT or Metaverse – by attending courses conducted by professional blockchain expert. 

GameFi Malaysia (GameFi Sdn Bhd) is the only certified GameFi company and association registered under SSM and recognized in Malaysia. The founder and the experts in the company consist of industrial recognized certification including Certified Blockchain Expert, Certified Bitcoin Professional, Certified NFT Expert, Certified Blockchain Security Expert, Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert, Certified Big Data Expert, Certified Ethical Hacker, GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst, Microsoft Certified Professional, Cisco Certified Security Professional.

According to their press release, GameFi aspires to “be the number 1 Blockchain platform that enabled GameFi, NFT and Metaverse”. Leong added, We’ll act as trusted experts on blockchain and games for industry, the media, and society on general, contributing to improving public understanding. We’ll also look to highlight aspirational efforts in the blockchain games sector.

So, if you’re interested in starting your journey to Blockchain or Metaverse, you can visit their website – or follow their Facebook page –  or email them at