Funny Mike’s Bad Kids, Destiny Morales is On The Rise

Destiny is a 9 year old influencer, model, and actress who started taking acting & modeling classes at Page Parkes Texas and later signed with an agency. Born and raised in Houston, Texas she was already showing just how everything is bigger in Texas, including her dream. Destiny broke into the influencer world in late 2019 by posting videos on the popular app, Tiktok. She would post dance videos to trending songs on the platform that started to take notice. In 2020, she auditioned for the BadKids (Funny Mike) and made the cut in which that helped her social media in a major way.

Destiny explains to be a successful influencer it includes “Being passionate, authentic, and consistent.” “The most rewarding part of doing what I do is I get to wake up every day and just be myself and do what I love and enjoy it.” Destiny says. Although being a rising star and doing what you love as a career, sometimes the industry can get pretty ugly. Destiny says some challenges she has faced along the way have been bullying from random people on social media, but she never pays attention to the negative comments because she’s focused on the amazing things her career has to offer. Destiny sees herself as a famous influencer, model, and actress and even a musician in the next 5 years. She admits that her parents have been the greatest inspiration in her life and they are the reason why she is where she is today. “They inspire me to grow without any barriers, they take care of me, and support me in every part of my journey.” Destiny says. When you have a solid support system, taking on your dreams can be so much easier. Some advice she has for her younger fans “Never give up, always follow your dreams, stay positive and anything is possible in life as long as you are willing to work for it.” Be sure to catch up with Destiny on her social media pages.

To know more about Destiny Morales don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @ItsBadKidNena and YouTube https://www.youtube.com/DestinyMorales

Kenneth Bailey

Kenneth Bailey is a freelance journalist with a BA in journalism from James Cook University, Australia. He has six years of experience writing for different blogs and websites on a variety of topics, including celebrities, business, gadgets and technology.

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