From putting his flair on the plate to putting his flair on music. Chef Bee drops his hit new single “Don’t Know Ya” 

Chef Bee, one of the most popular Asian chefs in Miami, has shocked everyone by releasing his own music. “Don’t Know Ya” has become popular overnight and has started Chef Bee on a journey as a successful musician. The song is truly a great piece of music, one that everyone must enjoy. 

“Don’t Know Ya” was released as a part of an EP that was released this year. Having a steady follower of fans from his restaurants, Chef Bee has started a journey as a musician. And we are so glad he decided to do so since his singing is so good.  

Partnered with Rumor Records, Chef Bee was able to put his thoughts on music out there. Rumor  Records have done a phenomenal job in the production of “Don’t Know Ya”. It truly goes to show the creative side of Chef Bee. So far, we have had a taste of his creativity through his food. But now we can enjoy it even more through his music.  

Check out “Don’t Know Ya” here:  

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